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Greek Gods and Myth Anthropology

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
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Greek Gods and Myth Anthropology

History behind Greek mythology and Gods has been passed on through generations for thousands of years through stories and symbolic. Literature was written by Homer who made the Gods more real and gave them human body, In order to understand better and be able to relate to gods for regular society. A symbolic meaning behind gods has been always present, as the higher power and superhuman or immortals that often came down to earth and lived among people and were a normal part of everyday life. . The stories have been transmitted through words and through art. Different variations of sculptures have been created or gods. In addition, painting have gave meaning to understand better the idea and the visual aspect of how gods look like. Gods were transmitted as part human and part immortals, which had some kind of supernatural power. Stories have been told for many years and then collected and written down. First book was written about gods by Homer and It was almost like a bible for Greeks and their gods. 3.

Greek symbols have been Interpreted by many other cultures who too believed In gods. Symbols for man and women were different, where man was a dominant figure and women was a curse for the world. Symbols for gods with different powers had different meanings as well. For example Zeus was a father of all gods and he was a symbolic meaning for god of the sky, his symbol was lightning. Athena was goddess of war and her symbols were shield and sword. She was overseeing the wars, which in that time were going on constantly and she was the power and the shield for the worries.

Symbols for heaven and for hell were clearly represented by Greeks gods. Zeus himself had two cups in each hand and had evil in one cup and good in the other, and every day he would pour out little from each cup, which represents the hemolytic meaning of good and bad in the world. 4. Myths tied to the rest of culture and reflect how their culture by the deepest connection Is Interpreted through evolution of Art, Science and Culture, which were brought by Muses – goddesses and daughters of Zeus. Even today, Greece Is considered as a center of cultural and scientific development.

In addition to mentioned, It gave a birth to sacral competitions between humans to honor Gods well known as Olympic Games. 5. Myths gave a strong ground for people to believe in superiority of Higher Power (Gods). As it was mentioned in documentary people worshiped different Gods who ere guardian of Weather, Harvests, Love, and Wars etc. It formed their behavior in a way that each negative phenomenon in their life was interpreted as consequence of not obeying God’s will. Therefore, behavioral changes shaped mindset of ancient Greeks and they believed in gods and lived their life by rules of gods. . Greek Gods and myth reflected on mind work by giving a ground for people to believe that there is a big connection between mythological stories and the real history of ancient Greece. It makes to feel them as a part of separate culture ancestors of which had a direct Interference with Gods. Myth gave a reason to live and to obey gods, to live by the rules and fear of gods and get reworded for the good faith In gods. 7. Most of the myth connected too many religions. Myths of ancient Greece have a lot of common religion, Myths has their own Gods and their own rituals to worship them.

As it was mentioned in a film we can find some similar facts that tide biblical stories and mythological facts. Especially there was a define emphasis on a connection between Pandora who was a symbol of beauty and seduction, who was interpretation of good and evil. 8. Myth effected the behavior of ancient Greece and gave people set of ales and beliefs to follow. People started to worship different gods and believed that for every living and nonliving things in this world is a perfect explanation and ruled by god.

Greeks and other cultures that believed in the mythology were certain that gods were watching the world and protecting earth from hell. However, there were also certain that gods could live among us mortals and take for of any human kind, so that people had to live knowingly that they might meet gods on the street. From this concept, many other religions took this behavior pattern and practice in on everyday fife and even bible says that god could live among us, so be prepare if you meet him. 9.

Binary aspects of Greek gods were the ability to be give and take. Each god was able to perform a certain super power which in turn he or she could take that power back. In addition, binary aspect was seen in the gods like Pandora, she was ultimate beauty and hidden danger as well as hidden hope in her box. Presence of hope that was left in the box had binary meaning as well. Hope is something that could be seen good and evil, because hope can cure, but in same time hope can lead to losing a battle and sacrificing many lives.

Women like Pandora was danger to mankind because women naked beauty would occupy man’s mind and make them go to war and kill many people Just for one pretty women and love. Zeus himself had an affair with a mortal and had a son who Hercules who was half human and half god. Hercules was a symbolic binary aspect of the myth, he had to go through many struggle in order to resurrected and get back to his father. In Christianity Jesus was the son of God who too died for our since and became closer to god. We can see that many Greek myths gave people a set of beliefs and even created a whole new religion such as Christianity.

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