Chrysalids Ch Essay

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Chrysalids Ch

Two of the sayings where What does Davit’s living room tell you about his family? -That they are very religious and follow every rule. What happens to animal offenses? What happens to plant offenses? -They are killed and plants are destroyed. What Is the word that Davit’s community uses to describe people with deviations?

Blasphemy. What Is Wild Country? The Fringes? The Badlands? -Draw a little map of their location In relation to Wampum. What is the impression that you get about the Fringes people? Most of them thief and Blasphemy Who is Uncle Axel? -They are -Married one of Davit’s aunts. Use full worker but had a problem on one of his foot. Jot down the context (who said it, when was it said) and significance (why it is Important) of each of the following quotes. My father’s faith was bred into his bones, his principles were his sinews, and both responded to a mind richly stored with examples from the Bible, and from

Nicholson Repentance’s. In faith father and son were at one; the difference between them was only in approach: the evangelical flash did not appear in my lather s eye: differences between his grandfather and his dad. Nobody directly said this they where posters on the living room. ‘Be good now, or I’ll fetch Old Maggie from the Fringes to you. She’s got four eyes to watch you with, and four ears to hear you with, and four arms to smack you with. So you be careful. ‘ -People use to say this to scare kids to make them be good.