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True Blood and Gender Roles

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 11, 2017
Type of paper: HistoryPsychologySociety
Words: 705
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True Blood and Gender Roles

True Blood and Gender Presentation In The HOBO television series True Blood, there Is a wide variety of characters that could be discussed. I’m going to focus on the three leading female characters and the stereotypes that keep the audience coming back for more. Sex sells or at least makes everything a bit more Interesting and with this show there Is plenty of sexual innuendo to go around. For such a small town Bon Temps sure has its share of hot temptresses.

To focus on the ladies means I will be discussing feminine-masculine ender roles since all three characters portray Just that. Cookie Steakhouse, the female lead, is a fairy and telepathy. This 5’5 tight-bodied sexy blonde has the ability to hear other’s thoughts. A gift she has suffered with since she was a child. She is a waitress at Mortise’s bar in her hometown of Bon Temps. Cookie started the series off as a virgin with a bit of a sexual curiosity. Which all changed shortly after she met her first vampire customer named Bill Compton.

Bill Is a tall, pale and handsome 173 year-old vampire who has taken up residency down he road from Sole. She attracts men all around her albeit vampires, werewolves, or sheepshearers. They are all drawn to her maybe because she just has that effect on men or maybe It’s Just her sweet tasting fairy blood. Whatever the reason, Sole always has someone by her side. Cookie when not in her boat neck tight white shirt with snug black shorts would more than likely have on a sundress. Sells 2 Tara Thornton, Cookie’s best friend, and an independent female defined by her relationship with her alcoholic mother.

She is the bartender at Mortise’s. Tara is strong willed, quick-lipped, and very in touch with her sexual self. She is polar opposite of Sole she Is physically fit and a girl not to be reckoned with. She has had a few rendezvous with a variety of men yet she Is not portrayed as sexual as Sole. Tara has slept with her boss, a vampire, her boyfriend, and In the last season they threw a girl partner Into the mix. Tara Is seen more In shorts and tank tops to show off her rather masculine arms. Jessica Hammy, a newborn vampire, who was created by Bill Compton.

Jessica is beautiful and dangerous all at the same time. She has long red shiny hair, bright blue eyes and the most adorable set of fangs. She is also the hostess at Mortise’s. She was portrayed last season as an intolerable teenager but has recently grown into the role as a sexy, uninhibited, vampire girl. Jessica first found herself in love with a human boy Hoyt Freebooters and after some time living together she realized their lifestyles were too deferent for their relationship to work out.

Jessica is eager and angry to experience all the things she feels she missed out on. This television series draws the assumptions about women that we have strong sexual desires and a need to feel sexy at all times even when we are playing the role “damsel In distress”. None of these girls have ever had lasting relationships or even relationships that were not based solely around sex. The female characters in this I think the portrayal of these women is far from accurate. While it makes for a great story line, it Jumps off the realm of what a real woman stands for.

Unfortunately, this is what makes Sells 3 ratings Jump. Less people would be tuning in to see a homely telepathy, a bland bartender, and a shy vampire seduce the men on the show. The fact that they are all attractive people makes the sex scenes hotter and you cannot talk about true blood without talking about the sex scenes. “If the show was all bacchanal madness and beefcake adoration, we’d have a problem. But as long as we can find a spark of soul amid the profane, watching True Blood should be a guiltless pleasure. ” (The Joy of Vampire Sex 2011)

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