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Test Fault In Our Stars

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 7, 2017
Words: 402
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Test Fault In Our Stars

He only smoke cigarettes occasionally to remind himself of his disease and struggles. C. He doesn’t actually smoke the cigarette, but he does eat them as a sign of life away at him. Eating d. He doesn’t actually smoke the cigarette, but he puts it in his mouth as a sign of taking the power away from the very thing that attempted to take the power from him. C 4. Hazel frequently says that her lungs “suck” at a. Drowning b. Swimming c. Being lungs healing e. Loving C 5.

What decorates the walls of Augustus and his family’s house? A. Bad family photographs c. Corny, positive life affirmations b. Shelves of books about cancer d. Augustus childhood artwork B 6. Which of these statements best describes Hazel’s Interactions with Cattily, her best friend from when she attended traditional school? A. Both of the girls laugh constantly at all of their ex-boyfriends. B. Hazel feels somewhat detached and removed from Cattily and her lifestyle. C. Hazel absolutely hates Cattily because she is always healthy and fun. D. Cattily never wants to talk about anything with Hazel due to Hazel’s illness.

C 7. Who Is Peter Van Hooted? A. Hazel’s doctor b. Augustus best friend c. An author d. Hazel’s English teacher C 8. What does Isaac, Hazel and Augustus mutual friend, believe that all humans deserve to have until they die? A. Eyesight b. Happiness c. True love d. Parents e. None of these surprises her with news of a trip? A. Funky Bones b. Groovy Palms c. Hope’s Landing d. Freedom’s Knoll 10. What childhood thing is removed from Hazel’s back yard? A. Her puppy b. A swing set c. A hallo hoop d. A rocking horse 1 1 . What is Hazel’s middle name that Augustus often uses to reference her? A. Love b. Sunny. Hope d.

Grace e. None of these 12. In the novel, what is the setting of Hazel and Augustus first meeting? A. A hospital b. School c. A book store d. A support group 13. The novel ends with a. A story about another sick girl b. A letter from Peter B D c. The death of Hazel A C d. A break up 14. What is Hazel and Augustus favorite word that they use for affection? A. “Okay” b. “Amazing” c. “Love” d. “Hope” 15. Complete the quote from the novel.

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