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Soci Test

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 30, 2017
Words: 1658
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Soci Test

Identifying a phenomenon and offering an explanation for social patterns or causal relationships between variables refers to a: Select one: a. Theory. B. Dependent variable. C. Independent variable. D. Hypothesis. Question 6 Druthers likened society to a Select one: a. City c. Human body d. Clock Question 7 AS of 2002, a. White b. Hispanic c. African d. Asian Question 8 Americans were the nation’s largest minority group. Select one: Which of the following sociological perspectives would support the following statement? During periods of economic crisis, the state expands welfare rolls to gasify the poor and reduce the likelihood of serious uprising. However, during economic growth and stability, the state attempts to reduce the amount of people on welfare, forcing the poor or dislocated worker back into the expanding labor force. ” a. Feminist b. Interactions c. Functional d. Conflict Question 9 As mentioned in this chapter, a. Clint Brown b. Jeremiah Wright c. Jerry Falafel d. Pat Robertson Question 10 was President Beam’s former pastor.

Select one: Under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TAN) welfare program, there is a federal lifetime limit of n benefits. Select one: a. 48 months b. 60 months c. 36 months d. 50 months Question 11 of assistance, though states may put shorter limits Druthers believed that society is particularly prone to social problems during what he called a state of: Select one: a. Enormousness. B. Anomie. C. War. D. Both a and b are correct Question 12 Which of the following is not an example of Karl Mar’s concept of alienation? Select one: a. Rachel is alienated from her work as a cabinet maker. . Rachel is alienated from the product of her work. D. Rachel is alienated from her co-workers. Question 13 As reported by the author, solutions to social problems require social action. Which of the following was not given as a social action? Select one: a. Innovation b. Conservation c. Social policy d. Advocacy Question 14 Women continue to dominate in all but which of the following occupations? Select a. Postal service carriers b. Receptionists c. Childcare workers d. Teacher assistants Question 15 refers to a system where men are dominant over women. Select one: a.

Matriarchy b. Patriarchy c. Monogamy d. Polyandry Question 16 Women now make up approximately education. Select one: a. Twenty b. Forty-two c. Fifty-seven d. Sixty-four Question 17 percent of the student body in higher Which of the following theory(sees) purport(s) our social and political structures are created to maintain the dominance of men? Select one: a. Functional b. Conflict c. Feminist Question 18 Departed estimated that about percent of the world’s population lived in a country other than their birth country in 2007. Select one: a. Three b. Fifteen c. Twenty-five d. Hairy-seven Question 19 These social structures are often referred to as social institutions. Which of the allowing is not considered a social institution? Select one: a. Family b. Arbitration c. Education d. Religion Question 20 John is a student of sociology. He decides to dress as if he is a homeless person and goes to the local downtown library to “hang out” with the homeless to gather data for a research project. John is using which of the following research methods to collect his data? Select one: a. Comparative research. B. Secondary data analysis. C. Artificial observation. D. Quantitative methods. Question 21 The Disney Channel has created a children’s program to promote self-esteem and del professional careers for young African American girls, what is the name of this program? Select one: a. Doc Mistuning b. Pretty Patricia c. Cowgirl Carol d. Feminist Fran Question 22 Based on 2009 data, rank the regions of the world, from most likely to least likely, in which foreign born individuals are from in the U. S. Select one: a. Asia, Latin America, Europe b. Latin America, Asia, Europe c. Europe, Asia, Latin America d.

Latin America, Europe, Asia Question 23 According to your text, which of the following racial groups has the highest median income in the U. S.? Select one: a. Hispanics b. Asians c. Arabic d. African American Question 24 The author reports there has/have been movement. Select one: a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four wave(s) to the U. S. Feminist Which of the following federal acts is dubbed, “The center piece of the social welfare system? ” Select one: a. Aid to Families with Dependent Children Act b. Social Security Act c. Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act d.

Great Society Act Question 26 Studies that have traced people who have left welfare over a long period of time indicate earning growth after leaving welfare. Select one: . A significant b. A slight c. No significant d. A decline in Question 27 C. Wright Mills defined as a small group of political, business, and military elite who exclusively control our society. Select one: a. Power elite b. Bourgeoisie c. Proletariat d. Prestige elite Question 28 In 1977, Indiana became the thirty-fifth state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which proposes that, “equality of rights under law shall not be denied or abridged by the U. S. R by any state, on account of sex. ” How many additional states must ratify the ERA for it to be added to the U. S. Constitution? Select one: b. Three c. Five d. Seven Question 29 Jennifer, a student at Manville High School, is the Quarterback on the school’s football team. According to Title ‘X, she must be treated equally to all the male players in all the following ways except: Select one: a. Scheduling of games. B. Access to the male locker rooms. C. Financial support for travel. D. Supplies and equipment. Question 30 In 2009, there were a total of a. 430,000 Question 31 home foreclosures in the United States. Select one: a. Lour of skin and other physical features; language, religion, and other learned traits b. Bevel of morality; physical features c. Genetic characteristics; cultural traits d. Cultural traits; genetic characteristics Question 32 According to your text, which of the following is the fasted growing racial group in the U. S.? Select one: Question 33 What percentage of Americans believe that there is a strong or very strong conflict between the poor and the wealthy in our country? Select one: a. 2/3 Question 34 Throughout the over two hundred year history of the United States Senate, women have served as Senators. Select one: a. Two b. Hairy-five c. Sixty-five d. One hundred twenty-two Question 35 As defined by the author, a social problem is a social condition or pattern of behavior that has consequences for a. Positive; non-conforming members of society b. Negative; our social world c. Positive; individuals d. Negative; individuals, our social world, or our physical world Question 36 According to Fagin and Bator (2004), by the the majority of the U. S. Population will be comprised of non-Hispanic whites. Select one: a. Asses b. Asses c. Asses d. Asses Question 37 used the term life chances to describe the consequences of social stratification on one’s life.

Select one: a. C. Wright Mills b. Ralph Ender c. Max Weber Question 38 appropriate level of analysis: Interactions a. Macro; micro; macro b. Micro; macro, macro c. Micro, micro, macro d. Macro; micro, micro Question 39 Conflict Functionalist In the order presented, match the following theories to the appropriate theorists: a. Marx; Mead; Morton b. Mead; Morton; Marx c. Morton; Marx; Mead d. Mead; Marx; Morton Question 40 Conflict Under Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal, assistance was provided for all but which of the following? Select one: a. Social insurance b. Categorical assistance c. Ark relief . Specific relief Question 41 According to the findings of Oliver and Shapiro (1995), black households earned approximately a. Sixty-two c. Seventy-six d. Eighty-three Question 42 cents for every dollar earned by white households. Select According to recent U. S. Census data, highest median income while a. White; Asian b. Asian; black c. White; black d. White; Hispanic Question 43 American households have the American households have the lowest. Select Earl was fired as a golf course supervisor. Using his sociological imagination, he might conclude that: Select one: a. He is a lousy employee. He was not given a second chance. C. His city and/or state is experiencing high levels of unemployment. D. He was not Wealth provides access to key social and cultural capital, with of the following does NOT apply to this access? Select one: a. Cultural manners b. Social connections c. Good health d. Quality of life Question 45 Elected Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives in 2007, Nancy Polloi (C)-CA) is in line for succession of the presidency. Select one: a. Second b. Third c. Fifth d. Seventh Question 46 The first women to serve in the United States Senate was/is: Select one: a.

Rebecca Ultimate Belton. B. Hillary Roadman Clinton. C. Geraldine Ferreira. D. Jane Addams. Question 47 Social stratification refers to: a. A large number of people with similar amounts of income and education. B. One’s social ranking. C. the degree to which people feel a part of social groups. D. the ranking of individuals into social strata or groups. Question 48 Poor households are likely to have average. Select one: a. Similar b. Lower c. Higher d. Exactly the same Question 49 food prices as compared to the national As a refugee, Tony desires to migrate to the U. S.

All but which of the following are acceptable reasons as defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1980? Select a. Fear of persecution on account of religion in country of origin. B. Persecution on account of religion in country of origin. C. Fear of persecution on account of sexual orientation in country of origin. D. Persecution on account of race in country of origin. Question 50 According to your chapter, in 2012 the U. S. Census reported which of the following? A. Minority births exceeded White births. C. African American births exceeded all racial categories in rates of birth. D. Hispanic births were on the decline.

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