Psychological Report Essay

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Psychological Report

She easily gets upset when he didn’t reach her expectations. Simple things can make her into tears. She is responsible, and hardworking and independent. She can lead a group and can make a decision on her own. She is also sociable which made her to take up a Psychology course. She also wants to know herself deeply. Having a managerial position is what she sees on herself in the future. She is easy to mingle with others. In terms of her studies, she easily gets depressed when she got a low score in her exam especially when she really studied her lesson.

She is family-oriented and her family is her titivation in studying hard. She is also conservative. Her view in life is that all things are possible Just know how to strive. In her test results, it shows that she has a good mental thinking. She has the ability to achieve her goals because of her positive outlook in life. She has positive characteristics that may lead her successful. One thing that she must avoid to herself is being emotional. She must not let herself to be depressed when she’s not able to disappointed or feel bad. She must learn how to accept things.