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My Social Experiment on deviance

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
Type of paper: PsychologyScienceSociety
Words: 223
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My Social Experiment on deviance

My Social Experiment on Deviance The deviant activity that we did was, we we’re wearing pajamas inside the campus while walking around and acted like children, we played, talk like a babies and we we’re so friendly to the other student like what children do Like smiling and saying h’/ hello to them.

People respond to us like nothing because they already know that It Is deviance but they were amaze because we we’re wearing pajamas and acting Like children. Some ask “Para as an? ” and we were Just answering them “It’s deviance” mom were saying we were cute and some are laughing because we were making fun of our voices Inside the elevator.

My experiences about the activity Is that It Is fun but I can always feel the nervous, shame and embarrassed most especially when my high school friends see me or those person who know me because they are bullying me about my pajamas, my hair style and the things that I acted. But, I am very happy and proud that in my first seem of studying in Atone I experience that kind of activity and I learn that we should never judge a person because there is always a reason why they are doing things like deviance.

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