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It’s Only Me

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 26, 2017
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It’s Only Me

School shootings are more common now a day, even though it is claimed that the schools are getting safer than ever. The author Nancy Gibbs, wrote the article “It’s only me”, where we hear about peoples response to the school shooting done by Charles Andrew Williams 2001. One of Nancy Gibbs mall points Is that none of the shootings are linked together; they all have been triggered by deferent things and are based on various reasons.

In her article she starts by telling about, how the schools have become safer, because of the many parents who float their children off to school every day in a bubble, grateful to live In a wholesome town. Gibbs continues on this subject by letting us know, how several more children are now bringing guns to school, for example an eleven-year-old boy who claimed, after being arrested for threatening to kill two persons that he had gotten the Idea from the media, and that he had no Intentions on doing anything with It.

As a result of writing about this issue, Gibbs comes on to the topic blame: Who can be blamed for this kind of arduous behavior, is it the absent parents, whose six-year-old daughter shows up in kindergarten with a loaded handgun, or is it the media, because they are not doing enough about it, besides showing a 35 min. Television program of the memorial service of Williams’ victims, and afterwards Just leaves a note that says you should turn off the TV and go talk to your children instead.

As Nancy Gibbs pointed out, none of the shootings are specifically related to each other, but still there is some concrete precautions that might help prevent these kinds of violent actions. There re no patterns for why it is done, but of course there are a lot of different things that could have triggered these so called events: society and parenting are only 2 out of many, but they both play a great significant factor for a child’s subsequent behavior: if parents are absent and let their children do whatever they want, they are easily manipulated by the environment.

Charles Andrew Williams, of whom we have read about, was left alone by both of his parents, he hang out with people who had a bad influence on him and they dared him to do the Columbine. They succeeded by telling IM, that he could not do it and he was too afraid. No one responded on his scream for help. Not even the adult who overheard the two boys’ conversations about Anta’s desire to pull a Columbine. There is no actual conclusion on why this happen, but there are a lot of reasons why it can be done.

The media has a very big Influence on youngster these days. They are getting affected by all the violence In for example: Videotapes and television. If there Is no adult to tell and explain to the child what and why these things happens, they can get Insecure and scared, and on the other and they can even start to believe that this Is reality. That you can do, as you do In videotapes, where you can get right back up, after being shot.

They might even think that this Is what you are supposed to do, or that this Is the solution to your problems. I do not believe that any of his friends actually thought that he was capable of doing this, but that they Just wanted to tease him. This Is one of the reasons why we really have to be careful about what we say to each other, it can and parent, it is really important that we look for the signs in the people we know, so they an be helped in time, because if you do a thing like this, I don’t think you understand the gravity of it.

I have actually Just read a small article about this problem with the news. The grown- up news is not intended for small children, but they still watch it, because their parents tell them it is K. This results in the kids being terrified. They get scared because they are getting the cold cynical facts about real life, which they are not ready for yet. So DRY is now making a special news program for kids, so they still can watch the news, but this time it is things which is meant for them to hear.

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