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Final Exam Study Guide

Provide an example of a mental state which Is warranted but undesirable. Provide an example of a mental state which is desirable but unwarranted. Which dowdy think is a better guide to evaluating mental disorder? Problem of accounting for consciousness be a harder problem for the physicality Han the problems associated with other mental phenomena? 3. Describe (at least) two criteria for evaluating a theory simplicity. Compare the identity theory to dualism using these two criteria. . What is the Turing test? What does it test for and how does it test it? What do you think of the test? 5. What is a state-function machine? What are it’s parts? 6. Functionalism and behaviorism have certain similarities. What is functionalism’s main advantage over behaviorism? Give an example that demonstrates the advantage. 7. Give an example of a functional property. Explain how two very different underlying things might play the role associated with that property.

Using your example, explain how functionalism about the mind is compatible with the multiple reliability of mental states. 8. What is the law of effect? How does it relate to behaviorism? Describe an alleged counterexample to the law of effect. 9. At the beginning of the course, we asked the question, “What is it in virtue of which all physical objects which yield minds, yield minds? ” According to the computational theory of mind, what is the answer to this question?