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Communications Psychology

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
Type of paper: PsychologyScienceSociety
Words: 382
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Communications Psychology

Communications, Psychology and Experience Examined Essay Questions Hand in date: 9 January 2015 Length: 3,000 words Choose one question 1 . Think about your own specification and subjectivity and, In terms of the issues raised on the module, discuss aspects of your own formation referring to regulatory practices, texts. Media texts, Images and practices etc. (Although this essay is intended to be autobiographical, telling your life story alone will not do!

What you have to do is to attempt to use the theoretical frameworks and methods from the module to understand and analyses aspects of your own formation). . Critically examine the intersection of psychology and the media, by exploring the processes that may be Involved In the construction, normalization and regulation of particular subjectively. Discuss your examples in terms of Issues raised on the module. 3.

Identifying aspects of your own media practice, discuss how some of the theories and concepts identified on the module have helped you to frame the relationship between being creative and being critical. 4. Discuss some of the ways in which psychology is implicated in current forms of government and regulation. 5. Discuss the Importance of the concepts of fantasy, desire and television affect for understanding your own Investment In particular media fictions and fantasies. 6.

If you were to do a genealogy what do you think would be an interesting subject for inquiry? Please frame your discussion within genealogical studies and give examples. 7. Discuss how a postindustrial media psychology might extend our understanding of controversies relating to ‘media effects’ or ‘media influence’. 8. Take an example of a film, TV programmer, piece of journalism, photograph, novel etc and discuss the ay In which the truth about subjectivity Is constructed In the work. Discuss this In the light of Issues raised on the module. . “The soul Is the prison of the body’ (Factual, 1979). Critically examine the argument that psychology is a formative practice. 10. Make up your own question In consultation with your seminar tutor. *Students are encouraged to submit visual or audio material as part of any of the above essays. Students wishing to do question 1 must have an initial discussion with the module leader or your seminar leader. Students (Including vaulting students) wishing to do question 10 must discuss their approved.

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