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Bullying Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 20, 2017
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Bullying Essay

There Is no “best method” for handling a bully or tormentor. Though every antagonized is different so you must find their weakness. When confronting a bully, a much more appropriate way to react is t o respond peacefully and by using no force. According to dictionary. Com a bully is a “blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and Intimidates smaller reworked people. ” Bullies hurt others because they are smaller and weaker. The bully does this in a way that imitate s a ritual or routine.

In “Rights to the Streets of Memphis” by Richard Wright, Richard was a victim of the cruel bullies and their ways of torture. The bullies had ganged up on him to take money his basket and the grocery list. This happened twice until his mom said that SSH loud “whip him” if he came back without the groceries again. With that, she gave him stick to beat the gang with. Richard swung at their heads with the stick and they ran away. This worked and the bullies did not bully Richard again.

Though It worked, Richard had gotten more enemies, the gang members parents, show that this Is not a good way to handle situations like this. The short story “Straight” by Alden R. Carter, Ramada and Kenneth are bullied by an allegiance football player Bill. When Bill is mad he is “a lot of frustration on the loose” so when they lose a game he is a force to reckon tit. The word Straight means “to stand firmly for truth and love without ever resorting to force. When Kenneth learns this he stands up to bill for Ramada without provoking him. During a scrimmage, Kenneth lets Bill Just run over him which eventually tires him out. While they both lay in the grass Bill admits amok were driving me crazy. This was harder than a game. I’m whipped. ” This shows that you can beat a bully without ever resorting to force. Even though violence can take care of some bullies, violence Just hands people and will result in less injury, and less enemies.

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