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Behavioral Analysis of Adolf Hitler

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 2, 2017
Type of paper: HistoryPsychology
Words: 263
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Behavioral Analysis of Adolf Hitler

Behavioral Analysis of Doll Hitler Behaviorism perspective would not accept the ideas of inborn tendencies, defenses, inner traits, motivations but would much rather focus solely on the environment and how environmental cues influence ones behavior (book). Tabular Rasa Furthermore, behaviorist’s focus solely on observable behaviors rather than internal workings of human emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc.

Foundations for a behavioral approach on personality were laid by Ivan Pavlov that changed the world as we know it by introducing the idea of classical conditioning. Pavlov’s ideas were he beginning for novel learning approaches. Extremely well known psychologist and behaviorism that developed the Idea of operant conditioning is Brush Frederic (B. F. ) Skinner. Skinner is known to be the founder of the radical behaviorism.

Classical conditioning- mother Father- male image violence, control Operant conditioning – university… Other Learning Approaches to Personality: Neal Miller & Dollar and Miller (1941) Aggression Occurs as a result of blocking efforts to attain a goal Frustration- aggression hypothesis – aggression Is the result of blocking, frustrating attainment of a goal The result of punishment for exhibiting primary drives thus resulting in internal conflicts which leads to anxiety, neurosis.

Internal conflicts: Approach-avoidance conflict The result of punishment, being drawn to and away from something Approach- approach conflict Being drawn to two equally attractive choices Avoidance-avoidance conflict Being repulsed by two equally attractive choices By raucous Extremely well known psychologist and behaviorism that developed the idea of Frustration- aggression hypothesis – aggression is the result of blocking, frustrating

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