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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Type of paper: LiteraturePsychology
Words: 761
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Three weeks went by so fast and I haven’t even noticed It. Ooh well chapter 10 was the best out of all the ones I read so far. I feel like this chapter will bring the most use to me and my sex life. I often wondered if Earth would be as populated if sex wasn’t pleasurable. Or what would happen if condoms didn’t exist or if condoms came around 50 years later or 50 years earlier. I Just have so many questions and I would love to know the answers. Honestly reading the book makes me want to know what sex feels like and if I am missing out on anything.

The book makes it seem good and fun, and now I feel weird. Moving on, oral sex Just creeps me out. Why would you put something that gross in to your mouth. Guys pee out of their dick and girls have periods and pee and all the nasty stuff comes out of the place people put their mouth on. C’mon really? That place Is Like super dirty. I mean I know we take showers but sully I can’t even Imagine myself giving a guy a blow Job. I don’t even think I will let a guy go down on me. Another thing that scares me Is anal Intercourse. I mean that just sounds painful but I can’t really judge without trying it either and the world is just a weird place.

But what I never understood was why guys like boobs and butts? They are Just rolls of fat hanging down. Why don’t guys like belly fat hanging down low? Probably for the same reason girls like abs and nice butts on nice guys rather than fat. But why? Why are abs more attractive than fat, what is it in us that we like one over the other. Why don’t we like fat and find abs weird. Got some weird questions going on over here. Well the class Just keeps on getting better and better. The time in class really goes by really fast. I really like how we don’t have to take a whole bunch of notes, and its 1st fun to listen to lectures.

In one of my classes I Just have to take notes from power points which gets really boring. But you make the class really fun and enjoyable. One of the things I found strange was that there were that couple of people that don’t masturbate. Honestly every one of my friends does it and when we were doing that questionnaire I was positive that everyone would say yes to that question. But I was wrong about that not everyone does it. Now it just really makes me wonder why that person doesn’t do it. They don’t like it or they are scared or what, it would just be really interesting to know why.

It was also really interesting when we had to number the things that we find more But anyways I always say that reading this book at home is weird but none of it was as weird as it is right now, because literally every page contains a picture of something sexual and overtime someone walks NY I flinch, I have to minimize my Word screen and close the book. I am scared of my dad seeing this more than my mom. I Just don’t whet It how can some kids talk openly about sex with their parents. Earlier I had trouble with the screen and I asked m dad to help me and he opened this word document and at that moment I only had the first two sentences.

I blushed like never before he hasn’t said home except my mom once in a while but usually I Just keep this class to my self. But I really walk a lot to my friend about this. I told her that masturbation helps with cramps. She told me she stopped masturbating after she got caught watching porn. But I still don’t believe her, we talk about sex a lot I don’t even know why. Why can I be so open with a friend but not with my parents we are still all humans bethought damn its hard. I tell her what to do get rid of cramps but she tells me it doesn’t work, so we argue about it and I say I know better because I read the book.

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