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Philosophy Free Will Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 27, 2017
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Philosophy Free Will Essay

Some may think that a belief in determinism eliminates the possibility of free will, an d even destroys the credibility of being held accountable for one’s actions. Within the c intent of the pizza and yogurt problem, this means that not only was eating pizza unavoidable, but that the repercussions of the event should not be placed on the shoulders of the diner. O n the flip side, a libertarianism might argue that a vast pool of options exists whenever a problem m Is encountered, therefore meaning that any consequences of a chosen action are the FAA let of the decision maker.

Going back to the pizza and yogurt example, the libertarianism could argue that the choice to eat the pizza was done with no interference other than the selection n of the diner, meaning that the unhealthy results of the choice should befall them as well. At face value these two schools of thought seem to be entirely popularizing, meaning they can to coincide in theory. By taking the fundamentals of each thought process, however, it c an be made clear that no friction between the two Ideas has to be created, they can be com potable.

Before examining how free will can exist in a deterministic world, it’s important to establish how determinism applies to the problem at hand. Choosing to eat pizza or y court may at first seem to be a toss up. A relatively small and trivial decision that could go either way with minimal persuasion, because it’s all dependent on my decision as the diner what I eat. Because of this, It may appear that my decision to eat pizza over yogurt was a CLC SE one. There’s nothing really forcing me into either option, so I’m acting of my own accord an making a decision that had a decent chance of going either way, right?

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