Characteristics of Electronic Eloquence Essay

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Characteristics of Electronic Eloquence

Moreover, Jameson also claimed that people value more ethos in the persuasion, the reason persuaders these days attempt to appear what people would most likely believe the embodiment of their causes should be: open-minded, compassionate, and as people of conviction. Monies, 1988). Electronic eloquence,according to Jameson, has these five characteristics: personalization, self- disclosure, conversational style, verbal distillation, and visual determination.

The first harmonistic, personification, Is using an Individual to embody the Ideas of the persuader’s message Is one way that persuaders build Intimacy. Brothers said, “when persuaders tell stories of individual courage, for instance, they are personifying the values of courage and bravery. They are also creating a relationship with the audience beaus the audience sees them as caring about the needs and values of the individuals they cite. ” (Brothers, 2012).

Politicians mostly use this characteristic In identifying and establishing rapport with their audience when they Tate real-life experiences of people who they claim to serve and help and how their actions could uplift these conditions. In the second characteristic which Is self- disclosure, the audience identifies with the experiences and convictions of the rhetoric. By self-disclosing, the rhetoric uses his/her personal, instead of professional experiences to create the bond and forge relationship with his/her listeners. Using the conversational style is also characteristic of electronic eloquence.

The choice of words and language of the rhetoric and how these are presented to the audience also effect the Intimacy established (Brothers, 2012) Brothers (2012) claimed that conversational language which uses Informal language, employs contractions, and uses casual vocabulary over complex ones, helps convey stories and involve the audience. Verbal distillation, on the other hand, involves the use of short words to represent ideas. As Brothers (2012) have quoted Jameson (1988), “one mark of eloquence today is the ability to represent an issue in a clear, concise, and dramatic statement. She called this abbreviated style of speaking as synecdoche, the figure of beech which uses a part to represent a whole, and In the electronic age, means “the representation of large amounts of information in a short, memorable part of that body of information” (Brothers,201 2). Synecdoche phrases are those aired on news broadcasts and headlines of newspapers. Strong and catchy advertising slogans like Nine’s “Just Do It” encapsulate the idea of shoe brand that cater to the needs of the audience. Lastly, the visual determination Involves the combination of both words and Images.