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Tribute Speech Outline

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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Tribute Speech Outline

Here is a basic general outline for a tribute speech (either about a person or group of people). Adapt or modify it to best fit your subject. Don’t feel like you have to include every section or answer every question. Pick & choose ideas that would work best for YOU! *For future reference: Tribute speech subject or honoree = person(s) you are talking about in your speech… Your speech topic! * 1 . First start with identifying the subject. Explain major facts or background information. Is the person, group, Institution, or place historical or contemporary? Living or dead? Is the subject well known or famous?

Because of what? If the subject Is not well known, highlight how an everyday person became a hero or role model. Is the subject someone you love or respect? Formulate one simple sentence to express why. How does the subject make you feel? Why? 2. Unify your listeners by sharing common feelings. Is your tribute speech honoring, is it personal, is it sharing the feelings of the listeners? Explain how your tribute speech subject deserves recognition. Adapt all you want to say to the style of the occasion and the mood of the listeners. 3. What is the occasion for your speech? A ceremony, party, or Just a speech for class?

You will need to handle the speech differently depending on who is in the audience. What does your audience think of your subject? Why should your listeners honor the subject? How does the subject make you feel? Why? 4. Briefly describe the conditions the subject was expected to meet and the qualities that made him/her worthy of honor. What are the criteria? Why? How does your subject meet these criteria? What makes the subject deferent? What are the unique and great qualities of the subject? What are credible examples of his/her major accomplishments? 5. Help your audience to recognize the unique qualities of the subject.

Research specific aspects of the tribute speech subject carefully. Look for hidden information and observations to strengthen respect. 6. Can you come up with a brief story, an illustration, a creative and organized visual aid, or figurative language to make your speech better? Can you reveal any achievement or qualities not well known about topic? How does your subject benefit society? 7. If your subject Is an Individual who Is being praised, than mention some valuable immunity activities or contributions in his/her professional life that are or were How about his or her personal values? . Praise the special characteristics or virtues. Tell the public an insight story, but only mention the positive sides. 9. What are the major specific characteristics of your speech subject? If it is a person: can you refer to an essential incident that gives more insight into the personality and character of the person? Do you know examples of his/her virtues? Examples: courage, compassion, kindness, great defender of family values. How did the subject cope with difficult situations? Give an example that everyone can recognize.

Can you describe an experience of your own with the honoree? 10. End your speech with a statement the audience members need to remember about your subject. Can you summarize why you do truly respect the honoree? Can you come up with a nonlinear that captures the essence of the subject? If yes, will it help the audience to reacquaint with the qualities of your subject and why it, she or he is worthy of being honored? Now, transform the answers to the questions above into your own personal tribute speech. And voila! There is your blueprint for a tribute speech.

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