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Patrick henry insp speech

A Man of Inspiration I’d like to call forth attention to the words of a man who’s sincerity pierces the heart. Patrick Henry, a genius with an outstanding sense of values. I feel as though I owe this man for opening my eyes to the importance of standing my ground and striving for proper rights and freedom. I stand as a man with the same opinion as he, and I hope to spread this inspirational man’s intentions. “Give me liberty or give me death! ” Were the words that rung out with the impact resembling that of a church bell being sounded on an abandoned playground.

He argued and striver for liberty amongst Americans. His determination for change fueled his wise actions. Allow his speech to drift you off into the right path that is change. The words he utilized were so powerful and persuasive.. He’s right, we’re not weak and we shouldn’t allow the British to have the upper hand here. Hear his words and consider his intentions. A man who’d rather face death than restriction of rights. That is Patrick Henry. Henrys goal to obtain freedom inspired me, therefore I am reaching out to all my fellow people. Extend an arm and take part in this effort to obtain the freedom that we rightfully deserve.