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The Power of Stories Storytelling is an example of strong language and one of the key techniques to engage an audience. Tip #1 : Stories should paint pictures and evoke emotions. Describe characters and events using strong language. Tip #2: Start with a scene. The very first words spoken should create a scene for the audience. For example, “It was a hot summer day… “; The hurricane was in full force… “.

Always keep the attention of the audience in mind. Timing is important. A short 1 to 2 minute story is more effective than the same story told in much longer timeshare. Try to make your stories as short and interesting as possible. Tip #4: Move with purpose. Use the room or space you are in to support changes in the story. For example, if someone if sitting in your story sit in a chair or if someone walk through a door use the door in the room to help the audience visualize the Tory.

Tip #5: When introducing a character be sure to include a name and a physical description, so that the audience can picture them In their mind and give a sense of their personality to create emotion. Tip #6: When using a story to start a presentation you are not Just telling any story, choose a story that directs the audience towards the goal of the presentation. Source: The Speaking Seminar, by Bill Hoister, Blue Planet Training, 2012 C) 2012 Laureate International universities