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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
Words: 533
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My mother was one of the most beautiful, elegant women you could have ever known. The Image of her, will forever be etched In my mind. Her beauty was very alluring, and her face was very captivating. Her high cheekbones caught your attention, because of the statuesque bone structure. My mother had the face of a movie star, very similar to the famous Lena Horn.

She had fawn skin that could be described as “beauteous bronze,” or “chocolate cream chanteuse. ” Mother was raced with looks that most women envied. Her hair was a medium brown color, It reminded me of an autumn leaf as the sun sets on It. I remember other women asking her what she had done to her hair, it was so shiny that it would the catch shimmers of light as she glided down the street. She had very wavy, long hair that cascaded down her shoulders like a fountain.

My mother was most admired because of her gorgeous brown eyes, they were sable with flecks of chestnut. Her eyes were shaped like almonds, glistened like stars, they were absolutely alluring; and she had very long, curled, dark, thick lashes. She had the perfect shaped nose, with narrow nasal bones, oblique, frontal angles blended elegantly into her face, brow and forehead. Her brow shape was naturally arched and balanced, they framed her eyes with uncanny proportion.

She had potty lips, shaped like a strawberry, and they were glossy like rubies. Mother was truly one of a kind, she could have been a professional model. She was not tall enough to be a runway model, but she certainly could have been a magazine model. Her small frame was exaggerated by an hour-glass figure. My mother was very curvaceous, and shapely, with a very tiny waistline. He had a set of dazzling, pearly white teeth that gleamed when she smiled. Her smile lit up the room when she entered.

However, although her outer beauty was so ministering, it was her inner beauty that reflected the love in her heart which captivated everyone. The entire neighborhood loved her, she so lovingly cared for everyone. She had a passion for helping those who were down and out, she would pack care packages to give out to the homeless, and the packages Included food, clothing and many other Items. After collecting as many items as she could, she would gather all of the children, including neighborhood kids; ND we would go with her to give out care packages to the homeless.

Because of her altruistic and generous passion for showing love to everyone, she was held in high regard by those exposed to her. Many people admired her because of the humility, kindness, honesty and all around goodness that she possessed. My mother was so spiritually evolved, giving everything she had and expecting nothing In return. Never things that changed the way we viewed the world, she bought out the best in everyone. Now that my mother is no longer with us, her spirit and memory will live on forever.

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