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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
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My name is Summer Anyway. I was born on October 3rd, 1996 in West Covina. I am currently residing in the suburbs of Chino Hills, California. Growing up as a middle child in a family of six had it’s set backs like getting ‘hand me downs’ or continuously beings stuck in the middle trying to make peace when my siblings fought. Throughout my childhood years I played various sports, from tennis to dance, my life has had taken many turns. My father strongly encouraged sports on my siblings and l, since he was a coach for many years.

My siblings and I therefore followed his ashes of continuing our sporting careers all the way up until our last years of high school. Although, none of my older siblings actually went on and continued sports In college, my father to this day continues push my younger brother and I to be active. On the other hand, my mother Is the core of our family. She doubles her workload, but still continued to attend every dance performance and sporting event that went on In my life. She continues to show me that no matter how much you put upon yourself, never stop until you finish the race.

My parents have been married for well over twenty- five years now, and continue to show me that love conquers all. As the years went on, I went from being the little tomboy who would play baseball during recess; to a young girl who practically lived at the dance studio running around in pink tutus. I was starting the third grade when my mom enrolled my sister and I into our first dance classes. From the age of eight to seventeen I would eat, breathe, and sleep dance. I danced at a local studio in my city called Dell’s Dance of

Performing Arts for a little over seven years. Moving on from elementary school to middle school was a big change for me. My middle school, Townsend Junior High School was down the street from where I lived. Feeling all grown up walking to school at twelve, I thought I could take on the world. I danced for the dance team the school had, and tutored fellow classmates in my spare time. Then two years flew by and I was starting my freshmen year of high school at Chino Hills High school. My high school years were chaotic and busy.

I had a high school sweetheart for my four years of school. I would volunteer at my local church in my spare time. I would taxi my little brother around town, as well as attending every school-sporting event. During those four years I was on my variety dance team, head of my leadership committee, and part of my schools yearbook staff. I graduated In June of 2014. I ended my senior year with a 3. 5 GAP, and left high school with the acceptance letter of my dream school. After graduating, I had my college of my dreams picked out, and my move In day set.

The Culinary Institute of America In Hyde Park, New York was calling my name In less than three months of graduating. As life went on, a month passed and I received news that I could no longer attend college due to financial lad Issues. As devastated as I was, I brushed off my shoulders and started to look for work. I got a part-time job at Backups as a holiday sales associate last November, where I am now In training for the lead shift manager position. Adding on to my first Job, I also hold a Job at a local salon called the Den, where I work as the receptionist.

After a month had passed. And mid-July when my aunt came to me and told me about the Police Orientation Preparation Program through the Los Angles Police Department. Once my father heard the news that I wanted to apply for this academy that’s all he would rave about. I applied not having any experience or knowledge about being a police officer or a cadet, but I knew that this is what I wanted for myself. I was put on the waiting list for college students during boot camp, but I didn’t let this have any effect on what

I wanted. Through boot camp I tried to blend in with my fellow cadets, since for one, never been an explorer or a cadet before. But, I toughened up and was successfully accepted into the 2014-2016 POOP cadet program. Where I currently now reside as a junior cadet, and squad leader of 77th division. I am slowing growing in to the woman I aspired to be ever since I was a child. As the fire in my heart continues to grow for my aspirations, I continue to push myself and surprise myself of what I can achieve.

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