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Time Stealers

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
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Time Stealers

If you are busy answer the phone apologies and ask the caller is it k to place them on hold or If I can call them back on this number momentarily or at a specific time that suits them, I could also have an answering machine set up if I’m unable to answer the phone. Interruptions – personal visitors I would let family and friends know that If I’m at work only to visit me on my break If It’s Important or If It’s an emergency. Mall and email

Allocate specific times to check emails and mail at the best free time of the business day e. G. Before work, breaks, After work or when not busy. Meetings To allocate staff meetings we within due course so as to all are ready, and If it takes a small amount of personal time to obtain this result it’s well worth it. For clients you need to priorities meetings so that the more important client is first priority, but keeping In mind that all clients are important because they are the heart of the business you can allocate an assistant manager to attend the not so important tinges for you to ensure that the other clients needs are met.

Tasks you should have delegated By having weekly scheduled tasked broken down into daily routines but being prepared for absence of staff and being able to cope for replacement immediately, so that all task have been delegate for the whole day have been completed. Procrastination and indecision Being indecisive for too long is definitely not good for an effective business, so by refocusing on the problem from a calm sense of view and gathering your thoughts from the beginning will generally give you the right perspective and allow you to do thou procrastinating.

This ensures that the business runs effectively. Acting with incomplete information Make sure that you have all the required information needed, without having all the information at hand you may need to redo task this can cost you additional money if you need to add labor. Dealing with team members Organism a staff meeting to discuss with employees what their Job description is and the responsibilities they have this makes sure that all staff are aware of what their job is and ensures that the business runs effectively.

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