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Ibrahim Ibrahimli

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
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Ibrahim Ibrahimli

Challenge of Effective Speaking”, an informative speech is “one whose goal is to explain or describe facts, truths, and principles in a way that stimulates interest, facilitates understanding, and increases the likelihood that audiences will remember” (Borderer, 2012). Informative speeches commonly are intellectually stimulating and should be creative In order to be memorable. In order to perform an Informative speech we can compare or contrast something, define or describe It, or the common one, describe It. According to the book, there are two main kinds of informative speeches: process and expository speeches.

Process speeches the steps of making the speeches or doing it are shown, while expository speeches are “well- researched explanations of complex ideas” (Borderer, 2012). There are some types of expository speeches, which are explaining political, social or ethical issues, explaining events or history events, explaining theory or law, and explaining a creative work. An excellent example for an informative speech could be the lectures given by professors. Most of them are informative, some are describing and explaining. And, of course, some may differ with good quality, while others can be or performances.

The next type of public speaking speeches is persuasive speeches. According to Borderer persuasive speeches “are designed to Influence the attitudes, beliefs, values, or behaviors of audience members” (Borderer, 2012). If you want to create an effective persuasive speech you should beforehand know your target audience, so you know what is more effective to convince the audience or actuate. The next step will be constructing your speech. Your audience can be unaware of the topic, or be favor of it, or even opposite it. Consider this and construct our speech.

Borderer states “one important element in an effective actuation persuasive speech is a call to action that clearly describes actions you want audience members to take” (Borderer, 2012). Finally, speakers have to evaluate their speech regarding to the guidelines that are specific to persuasive speeches. Speaker should make audience believe In what he/she is saying, and support his/her arguments with strong statistics or facts. Actually persuasive speech are hard to make and deliver, however, those ones who work hard will be rewarded at the end and will highly appreciated.

A good example can be speeches that are delivered while debate rounds. Additionally, we did not cover ceremonial speeches, so I cannot talk much in front of large audience? Please specify at least three challenges by discussing them with reference to the textbook readings and explain what measures you took to tackle them. Talking about the challenges I face with while delivering a speech, I can say that most of them are because of not rehearsing well before the delivering the speech. However, even I rehearse well enough there are still some problems which I cannot et rid of for some period of time.

First of all, I perform low body language actions. After writing my speech, for example persuasive speech, I might think that I am ready to perform because I think that as I wrote the speech myself I already know the speech. This consequently led to the few rehearsing. Then as a result I take a lot of notes, which later I use in my speech. When we are looking to the notes we bring with ourselves, we partially forget about body language. Your hands are closed, and you can describe what you are talking about. So, in order to not look at my notes, in my sat speech I learned my speech clearly and rehearsed without any notes.

This helped me to open my body language, which as a result brought me higher result than previous time. Also one of the techniques helped to remember speeches, which was “practice your speech loudly’- “When you practice your speech aloud, you get comfortable hearing yourself talk about your topic. You identify sections of the speech where your ideas may not flow and where you need to do additional preparation” (Borderer, 2012). Secondly, I have a fear of presenting a speech in front of a big audience. Your voice is very confident when you know your speech well and know the audience.

But, when you on the stage where the audience consists of unknown people and your every action is noticed at least by half of the audience, you become extremely nervous. Borderer suggests that there are six types of reducing public speaking apprehension, which can help to avoid the anxiety. The third but not least important problem is pacing. As we are students and do not take into consideration how important can be delivering the speech slowly on time, we are rushing and trying to finish our speech earlier. This creates problems with pacing.

In order to avoid this problem, I tried to rehearse my speech in front of my sister. If she could not get what I was saying, or if I was running the time, she was warning me and I was starting all over again. Rehearsing in front of mirror seems a little bit awkward to be, so I prefer to rehearse in front of my sister or one of my friends. 3. Choose one of the Youths videos below and watch/listen carefully to the speech by Michelle Obama: http://www. Youths. Com/watch? V=yY46XyhXiqO or Tom Hanks: http:// www. Youths. Com/watch? Billionaire and provide thorough analysis of the speech by discussing the context, purpose, target audience as well as the speech content, message, speaker’s delivery (verbal and non-verbal) and speech structure. Tom Hanks delivered a speech in front of graduating students of Yale University on May 12th, 2011. The audience was students who were graduating and were vigorously listening to the Hollywood star. As students are teenagers who can get easily bored from the speech, Tom used a humorous context while performing. First, he was talking about apocalypses, then he pasted to the topic about technologies.

Students were waiting for complaining of technologies and how harmful it is for health and etc. However, Hanks surprisingly began to talk about how technology has graduating students will face with problems, which they have to deal with. The speech structure was quite good as he began with a good hook, and from general information passed his speech to the more specific topic. The dress was appropriate to the stage, and the accessory on his head was associated with the Yale University, which was a good gesture. The only thing I did not like was that he was looking to his notes a lot.

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