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I am probably the only person on this planet that can’t figure out the significance of love and the forever lasting happiness that it bring along with the exclusive pain that secretly traumatized us to the brink of suicide. Love in itself is something no one can ever get a clear understanding off without confusion or frustration. There is a very good possibility that I have been completely brainwashed as a result of watching numerous romantic films and consistently reading novels that are totally Love related.

I was always confuse at the end of any romantic movie or novel, because in movie they always shows happy ending which you never have it in your real life. As you grow, you realize that childhood romance wasn’t at all a romance story. When you finally reach an age when you think you know everything about love either because you have experienced it in high school or you have witnessed your friend’s experience, you feel more in control of your love life.

For me love was always confusing because I never knew the real meaning of love and never understand what love really Is. He looked bewildered and wide-eyed, and really didn’t look like he knew where he was or what he was doing. He kept looking around and his eyes kept darting back a forth very fast and he looked Like he didn’t trust anyone there. His forehead crinkled In confusion.