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Citation Machine Generator

Citation Machine APA

This generator is working using "Google Books" engine

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Understanding the Term Plagiarism

A part of every education process in a college or university is writing academic works. And if you have been assigned to perform one, you need to get closely acquainted with all citation styles. In the process of writing, you can’t but use others’ works for supporting certain arguments or bringing examples. A responsible researcher knows well how to do this not to be blamed for plagiarism later. Showing a proper approach here is crucial. By all means, it needs to be stated what works by which writers were used in the paper. Before we find out what cite machine types can be differentiated, let’s understand what plagiarism is.

The word “plagiarism” has Latin roots. In this dead language, it was equivalent to “kidnap”. However, as time passed, the definition was somewhat transformed yet preserved the basic essence “to steal”. Today the word implies to use another individual’s work and demonstrate it as yours without referring the information to the original author. In fact, this is not legal and can lead to quite unfavourable ramifications. With the appearance of plagiarism detecting tools, it’s really impossible to plagiarize nowadays. Yet, however, some people try and most of them regret later. A student can be excluded from the university for plagiarism, a writer can be sued, etc.


Fortunately, there are certain means to use others’ works in a legal way. The citation is perhaps the basic and still most efficient means for that. To save time on this, it’s worth considering to use an automatic citation generator. Let’s have a closer glance at the citation types.

APA Citation

APA citation (just as MLA) is, in its turn, differentiated into in-text and reference types. The first one indicates the addition of another writer’s work on your own research document. Whether you place it word for word, or in a paraphrased way, an in-text citation is to be used. They are short and are to be inserted right after the incorporated information. When using this citation type, make sure you render the author’s surname, the book’s title, and the page you extracted the information from. If you implement an APA citation machine, it will do everything for you.
The next APA citation addressed to as a reference, is, as a rule, stated on the final page of the whole paper. Any citation you included in the work is to be informed about on this last reference page in an alphabetical sequence. Here not only the writer’s name is to be mentioned, but also when the source was published, its title, the page range or the URL.
Anyway, making use of an APA citation generator is highly beneficial. Once you place your text, an online check is implemented by the citation machine. It discovers the sites/books the data on which was “borrowed” into the text. After this, the citation machine APA adds the proper citations.

Similarities and Differences Between MLA and APA Citation

The primary rules of MLA citation are much the same as those of APA. Here, too we have in-text and on the final page citations. Yet, there are some dissimilarities, which are clearly indicated by any MLA citation machine. For instance, if the page with APA citation is addressed to as “References”, that of MLA is called “Works Cited”; if in MLA citation machine the date comes after the author with no brackets in MLA format, that of the APA format comes after the publisher used in brackets in APA format. Other dissimilarities between APA and MLA citation machines cover mentioning the writer’s thorough name in MLA format, and only the author’s surname in APA format; writing all major words in the title in capital letters in MLA format and only the first word of the title (plus proper nous) in the APA format. And the last pair of differences between MLA and APA citation machines involve the usage of the author’s surname along with the number of the page in MLA format and the author’s last name with only the date in APA format; MLA never uses any commas or p./pp. for page numbers, while APA uses both.

Use of Automated Citation Machines at our essay writing service

The development of citation maker machines greatly facilitated the task of writers who base their works on certain sources. Today there are as free so payable servers. The main principle of work is the same, yet payable servers may have some advantages. For instance, if the vast majority of free automated citation machines provide MLA and APA citing forms, payable ones deliver a wider choice of forms.
Nevertheless, if you need an MLA citation generator, you can exploit of a free machine. Here is a brief guide to the steps for you to do for a successful result:

  • pick up the needed citation style;
  • select the source type you need to cite (this may include books, websites, videos, and journals);
  • integrate the title, URL or any other original source information into the generator;
    tap on the “Cite”;
  • you will see the new reference in the generator, which you need to copy and paste in your paper’s bibliography;
  • repeat the same steps for every source (information extract) that was included in your research work.

As a rule, every reliable citation machine MLA or APA guarantees accurate results. These generator applications are compatible with both iOS and Android devices besides the usual desktop version. Remember to mention what type of citation the citation machine is to carry out.

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