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Statement of Purpose

Mr.. Victor Drencher Junior recital held on November 18,2013 at Bottle Auditorium was an Italian opera with a combination of vocal and instrumental music. The music was of Baroque era and the opera included 9 songs. At first Chew fleer costume composed by Giovanni Legalize (1626-1690) was performed. Though I didn’t understand the lyrics but according to the translation the song was very much based on the blaming God for ringing him grief.

After that “Lung deal Carr been” composed by Antonio Chichi (1761-1833) was performed. The translated English version of the song described the pain of life and his beloved one. After the two songs finished, two new songs were performed. “Less Bordeaux” composed by Gabriel Fare (1845-1924) and soon after Maim by the same composer. The combination of piano and vocal presented a harmonic sound. Right after the two songs ended, Allergens composed by Richard Strauss 1864-1949) was performed and then Die Foreleg composed by Franz Schubert (1797-1823) was performed.

Then two other songs composed by Paul were performed. Music of Blue Mountain Ballads where Initially Heavenly Grass and finally Sugar In the Cane was performed. At last Done Mel, la fate a Tanta from Coos fan tutee composed by W. A. Mozart (1756-1791) was performed. Conclusion: Overall the program was quite amazing and entertaining. The opera ended with a great applause for the performers. It was a great night.