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Musics Affects on Teens

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 12, 2017
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Musics Affects on Teens

In this study, the purpose of the music can be described on how it affects people and no matter how they fight it, they will end up singing the particular song that catch their attention until the end of the day – in which the teenagers call as “last song syndrome”. Background of the Study and Problem Statement According to a psychiatrist Edward Paddocks, music or its sounds travels to the ears. The nerves of the ears distributed the sound and have more extensive connections making the human body function based on what he/she Just heard (Matt, 2006).

Since music has a power to touch the inner-self of the people, as much as Influencing their moods or behaviors, what would be the effect of the rock music on the generation of the teenagers? Moreover, the negative effects of it are the main topic for this study. Research Objectives The objectives of the study come in three parts. First is to understand the rock music In the view of the teenagers and how they idealized the rock musicians. Second Is to Identify the possible negative effects of the rock music on teenagers. And lastly. O establish a well-ground of facts on what is the role of music, not only for teenager but on the entire society. Research Questions The study presented several questions that can help the study In learning the Ruth about the rock music. Through this system, the researcher can estimate the adequate answer which is also suitable to the main problem. 1 . What drives a person to write rock music or involved himself in listening to rock music? 2. What are the different views of the family/parents, singers/songwriters/musicians, and the psychologists on rock music? . What are the Impacts created by this genre In changing the face of music industry? Literature Review In the exploration of the past studies, It Is said that rock music has an equal heartsickness of drugs, alcohol, and role-playing games of witchcraft, voodoos, and Dungeons and Dragons. This might be the reason why other clinical experts argued that music can cause violent behavior, changing of attitudes, and unexplainable feeling of depression, happiness, or energetic.

Furthermore, music can stimuli the sexual behavior of a person which Is based on the rhythm and pornographic Images or music videos (Matt, 2006; Chevy, 2007). The irregular beat of the music can control the rhythm of the person’s movements such as breathing and walking. This he person, making the person sick, or lift up its spirit. Listening to whatever kind of music has been part of the teenagers’ daily activities, especially with the technologies or gadgets that are handy (Huh, 2001). Apparently, the world-wide influence of the music can be seen on the teenagers.

There are evidences that show the negative effect on the ability of the student to think and learn if the student is under the spell of rock music. Students who were found engaged in rock music and peer has a less commitment on their education (Huh, 2001; Matt, 2006). This might be the truth Enid the words of Jim Hendrix of 1969, who was considered as the rocks greatest genius, where he finds that through his music he can hypnotize the people and reach their weakest point (Matt, 2006).

Rock music has been the necessity for the development of the youth in their search for personal and social identity and this event shows the higher response in the freedom of their choice (Hut, 2001; Chevy, 2007). Methodology The empirical method applied in the study is the use of the interviews. The participants are not asked to reveal their identity because it doesn’t play essential ole in this activity and the results are clearly based on their opinions. However, the research managed to set the demographic requirements on the participants such as the age, gender, and type of music they are into.

Analysis Based on the interviews, most of the participants have less appreciated the rock music. While the other participants who loves the rock music are either wearing the style of their idols or making their own fashion statement for rock music. On the other hand, it is very obvious that the teenagers are pleased to hear the rock music tit a combination of gothic preferences – or the dark-Goth-rock music or the rock kind of music that involves intense beats which goes in the term of punk-rock music.

There are also identified as MEMO or Emotionally Motivated music as a style of rock music that is have more expressive, confessional, and melodramatic lyrics and sounds. Conclusion Music everywhere and it seems like the body moves according to its rhythm and beat and can condition the human mind. As a powerful, it can be also dangerous because there is a continuous investigation about the relation of the MEMO music in any of the suicidal attempts of the teenagers.

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