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Music Analysis

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 11, 2017
Type of paper: MusicPsychologySociety
Words: 301
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Music Analysis

Carrie Underworld, we are shown two women’s take on infidelity. One perspective shows us a woman’s vengeance, and her reaction to being betrayed, but does so in a way that is light- hearted and slightly comical. The other paints a much more personal and vulnerable picture, it’s Dolly’s plea to the “other woman”. Both of these perspectives are easily relatable to the listener, because we have all felt broken, we have all felt vengeful, and we have all felt the breath of fresh air after you pick yourself up.

In the song “Colleen”, we are introduced to a desperate Dolly Barton, pleading with a woman named Colleen to not steal the man she loves away from her. She goes on to describe the beautiful girl, and humbly states that she cannot compete with Colleen’s beauty, and how it is “beyond compare”. At this point, you can only imagine how broken Dolly is, to forsake her pride and beg for this woman’s mercy. The song continues, Dolly is telling Colleen that with all of her beauty, she can have any man she desires, and that Dolly can never love again.

The underlying statement there, is that Dolly is truly, madly in love with this man, and she doesn’t want to lose their love, especially if this is Just a fling for Colleen. The song ends with the chorus, “Colleen, I’m begging you, please don’t take my man… Even though you can” Again, showing Dolly’s vulnerability, but also tying together her whole plea. Dolly knows that Colleen could take her man with Just a raise of her brow, and all Dolly can do Is ask, please, please just let us be. The song “Before He Cheats”, brings a broad range of

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