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Lady Gaga

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
Type of paper: ArtsMusic
Words: 663
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Lady Gaga

She Lives for the Applause Who Is spontaneous and courageous enough to wear a meat dress, a bubble outfit or a pink glitter suit? Some may call her the Madonna of this generation and some may call her crazy, but she Is no other than Lady Gaga herself. Lady Gaga Is an Intriguing artist that continually makes an attempt to redefine herself through her music and her look. Her songs have unique, eclectic elements to them and her wardrobe is completely original and almost unfathomable.

Warren Azans’ article “Too Much Mead” seeks to define authenticity in bands and their fans and can help us better understand why the spontaneous nature of Lady Gaga has entranced Americans of all ages and genders. Lady Gaga could have possibly achieved all her fame and glory because of her spontaneous nature; she surprises people and people loved to be surprised. Azans writes that, “in its classical form, authenticity is associated with at least a degree of spontaneity. ” What he means by this Is that to reach authenticity you cannot be plain and never stand out.

You have to be somewhat random and open minded to be authentic. Lady Gaga goes about and beyond when It comes to being spontaneous. For Instance, we see this spontaneity when listening to her music. She Juxtaposes lyrics and inserts words that do not seem to fit or belong and yet it create a catchy melody that you can dance to. In her 2009 hit single “Bad Romance”, Lady Gaga sings stanzas filled with gibberish such as “Rah rah” and “Ga GA Oh la la” and this song became very famous worldwide.

This is again probably due to the reason that it again surprised people because it came out of nowhere. Although some may argue that doing so makes her seem intellectually challenged, most share in the idea that she creates authenticity through spontaneity. She pushes boundaries not only through her lyrics but also through her music. It Is a combination of so many different genres and decades and it happens to work well together. In one album, you can have anywhere from 1 sass pop to electronic to R.

This concoction of beats and strands flows beautifully In all of Lady Saga’s songs (many of which have received accolades all across the world). Again Gaga Is able to awe her audience with this element of surprise that she harbors all through her works. Lady Saga’s ever changing image is also was brings out her authenticity. She goes out of her way to to dress like a normal human being. She is spontaneous with her hair; it could be blonde, black, red, curly, or straight depending on her mood.

She is also spontaneous with her makeup and she is definitely spontaneous with her outfits. Azans believed that “an elaboration of the authentic often begins with a denunciation of the inauthentic. ” Through her outfits and odd hairdos, Lady Gaga was able to denounce what she didn’t like and thought was inauthentic. She is not a big fan of the US Army’s Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell policy and to make this statement clear, she wore a dress made of raw beef to the 2010 MAT Video Music Awards. She had the power to speak her mind with her clothes and people saw her and understood.

Her spontaneity Is what makes her famous and what attracts people to her. They want to see what Lady Gaga has planned next. In conclusion, Lady Gaga is the epitome of spontaneity and that is fair to say that Lady Gaga is somewhat authentic. Furthermore, she uses her influence to denounce the inauthentic which again makes her more authentic. This is the main reason why she has become such a pop icon in America, her creativity along with her ability to surprise us always keeps us guessing.

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