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Motivating Staff Report

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 27, 2017
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Motivating Staff Report

Motivation through Empowerment: 4 Motivation through Training: 5 Conclusion/ Recommendation: 5 Bibliography: 6 Motivating Staff. Introduction: Within this report I shall explore the importance of motivation in regards to Job design, empowerment and training. I shall also examine the psychological theories behind motivation demonstrated by companies such as Google and Faceable. Firstly, motivation is the combination of thoughts and actions a person undertakes to achieve a goal.

This process is fuelled by a person’s desires and needs whilst being heaped by factors such as emotions, and external social pressures. Due to the rise of globalization, companies have been able to Interact and compete at a global scale. This Increased competition has meant that companies have had to look internally, in order to develop any under productive areas. Many companies promise. This arose from the belief that more motivated employees are more productive workers and subsequently more profitable. It is also important for an employer to fully understand their staff, to enable them to apply the most effective motivation process.

Due to the fact that motives are not tangible it is difficult to analyses them, in a concise way. As a consequence many researchers have developed theories in the attempt to answer and explain, what drives motivation. Motivation through Job Design: What is motivating through Job design? Job design is the arrangement or design of a position to specifically suit an individual’s needs, in the attempt to reduce Job dissatisfaction and low moral. Job design also works to optimizing productivity causing an increased level of motivation. This method of motivation is favored in many businesses as monetary incentive should not be required.

When a Job is specifically tailored to an employee they feel valued and appreciated. This will then lead to increased productivity and satisfaction, at this point they will feel comfortable enough to work to higher goals which they find more mentally stimulating. With the progression through the five stages of Mascots hierarchy the employee will inevitably become more productive. SEE: (Mascots Hierarchy of Needs. Available at: http://centenarians. Com/ 2014/07/24/mascots-hierarchy-2/) The design of a person’s Job needs to be specifically tailored as it has the ability to encourage or discourage interest and motivation.

To maximize motivation a Job must be: Stimulating without exceeding their abilities: By stimulating your employees mentally they will be engaged and focused in their work. This will reduce wasted time and increase productivity. Also generating a sense of pride and satisfaction with the completion of each task, this is demonstrated clearly by companies setting multiple attainable challenges for an employee to work towards. Acknowledgement: When an employee achieves a goal set for them this should be acknowledged by the business, to demonstrate their appreciation, and to demonstrate to others the rewards of hard work.

Encourage creativity & innovation: By allowing employees to think creatively in a safe environment they are likely to generate ideas or process that will exceed the current ways of doing business. This occurrence will generate motivation as they feel as thought they have impacted the business in a positive way. This concept of expertly motivate employees through Job design, is demonstrated by Google. Google employees are provided with perks not many others receive such as, the freedom to contact and discuss ideas with any member of the organizations, including Coo’s.

Not to mention “The opportunity to devote up to 20% of their Hess practices as well as on going praise has unsurprisingly allowed Google to become highly innovative and constantly increase their market share, with the thanks to their dedicated and motivated employees. Motivation through Empowerment: What is motivating through empowerment? Empowerment is the sharing of business power with employees, allowing them to take initiative, make decisions, problem solve and inevitably influence the companies position in the market.

The ability for employees to see the direct impact they have on the business, instills a sense of pride and loyalty to the business. These emotions dead the employee to honor the business and take Joy in its success, as they feel it is a direct reflection on their contributions. This manifestation prompts individuals to work harder for the business, as they feel as though they have become a key player. This will generate a greater level of motivation. This new found emotional state typically encourages the employees to work harder and more efficiently, due to the level of satisfaction previously attained.

Empowerment is enhanced by providing employees with further industry knowledge generating security in their understanding, as well as the opportunities to monomaniac with business leaders, creating a two flow of information. Finally sharing the decision-making power, forming a sense of trust by the business leaders in the employees. This practice is a reflection of Theory Y: as employees are entrusted to work and make decisions without complete supervision. This means alternative Job empowerment is not always appropriate. This is the case when there is not much time for deliberation and discussion with many employees and the business leaders.

This can be seen in a military situation where a Theory X approach is more fitting. SEE: (Businessman’s. Mom (unknown), Douglas McGregor XX Theory, managing an X Theory boss, and William Couch’s Theory Z. Available at: http:// www. Businessman’s. Com/McGregor. HTML ) Once again Google is an excellent example of empowering staff to heighten employee motivation. Google “Employees are given extraordinary access to company information, along with the trust that they’ll always use it for good” (Marc C Crowley, 2013). Google has implemented this model with the knowledge of the finding by Sir Michael Marmot.

Who concluded that British government workers with minimal control over their Job or conditions had unbelievably low levels of motivation and ensue of fulfillment, when compared to those with control and say. Motivation through Training: What is motivating through training? Training is the furthering of a person’s skills through the development of their knowledge and practices; if training has been performed effectively it will lead to improved performance allowing the trainee to reach new heights. Training employees is seen now to be an essential practice, as without training people often miscommunication.

Training can be costly, as staff must be taken away from their current duties to learn new techniques. However if this time is spent wisely employees can gain assurance n themselves, increase their industry knowledge and learn more effective techniques that can be implemented in the future. With this newfound confidence, the staff will feel more at ease in their work. From here they will desire a challenge, leading them to work harder and with more focus, consequently becoming increasingly motivated to achieve and succeed.

Therefore the initial loss of task completion to participate in training is worth the future repercussions. Faceable experienced this in 2007, when a misunderstanding lead to a grave crisis costing the business major profits. At this point the company leaders realized they added to invest time into training their employees. Now, Faceable is considered to have some of the most motivated and productive work forces, due to their strong training programs. Conclusion/ Recommendation: Motivation of employees is seen as one of the major factors to business success in the present day.

Motivation can be maximized in the work place through Job design, empowerment and training. A motivated employee is highly valuable as they have the ability to generate; productivity, a greater market share, and a reduction in costs for the business. The process of how to motivate staff is still being debated to this ay, but currently Abraham Mascots Hierarchy of Needs and Douglas McGregor Theory X & Theory Y models are being put into practice. Neither strategy is dominant, but I would simply recommend a hybrid model instead of strictly following a singular one.

Employers should gain an understanding of their employees and implement aspects from both, as well as others to best suit their employees and business. For example allowing all members of the department to contribute their ideas when setting new targets.

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