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Future Job

Future Job I have always dreamed of becoming a kindergarten teacher and when I am done high school I plan on achieving that dream. I want to make a positive difference for the children of our future! I want to be able to give these children the best start in life and want them to look forward to school everyday! I want to be able to discover the 5 year old mind and I think once I am able to do that everyday for the rest of my life I will be happy!

I believe these children will teach me Just as much as I’m teaching them. I am a very bubbly and creative person and I can’t wait to come up with many activities for my class that are fun but will also teach them! I think it is a lot more fun interacting and learning with kids! I can’t wait to see a child’s eyes light up when they learn/try something new knowing that I taught them that!

When they are able to do something that they previously weren’t able to do will make me Just as excited as they are! I have a passion for young children and nothing could ever change that! In conclusion, I see great things in my future and I can’t wait to accomplish many of my goals. I look forward to waking up everyday ready to go to work because I am doing something I love!