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Experiencing skydiving and the lessons it can teach.

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 6, 2018
Words: 678
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Experiencing skydiving and the lessons it can teach.

Every time I look up at the sky, I smile. I can Imagine myself freelancing 10,000 feet above the ground, losing control of my body and giving in to nature’s mercy. In the sky there is no stress, no deadlines, and nobody I must answer to. All that exists is the vast, blue space. Many people fear skydiving, finding it hard to Jump out of a plane willingly. I cannot help but love the way the wind embraces me. My best Jump was my first Jump due to the exceptional feeling of anticipation and exhilaration. I got suited up and marched towards the plane along with my best friend and the there people jumping.

I was so thrilled it was unbearable. My urge to be in the sky that very second was so intense I felt I was going to burst from excitement. One by one we stepped into the small seat less plane and sat on the floor in a single file. The plane sputtered and slowly rolled to a start, moving forward along the runway. While on the plane the Jumpers began to give me my Instructions. I asked question after question. I wanted to get It perfect. There was no room for mistakes. I could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. The plane continued to incline higher and Geiger.

I got so nervous I began to think twice. The plane did not seem so high up when I had been watching the plane from the ground. I was coaching myself in my head. I had to go through with it and prove to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to. I stood on the edge of the plane’s door and looked down, but all I saw was the endless blue sky. The buildings and streets were not visible so high above the ground. I extended my arms out, put an immense grin on my face and jumped. I could no longer depend on the floor being below my feet.

I had to trust both the wind and my parachute would carry me down to the ground safely. I eagerly stretched out my body In order to captivate every second of freelancing. Those sixty seconds seemed Like hours. The pressure of the wind hit my face with power and dominance. Every move I made seemed precise and sharp. Eventually, I brought my hands In, pulled the chord, and felt a sturdy yank on my body. It felt as if a giant hand from heaven had come down, took a firm grasp of my body, and pulled me up. The fast-paced excitement was over and then came tranquility.

All that was available was complete silence and a breath taking view. The ground, miles below me, seemed like a quilt made up of lakes, fields, buildings, and roads. With every second that passed, I got closer and everything got more focused, allowing me to appreciate each individual corner and curve the Earth had to offer. I felt like a bird flying and playing in the wind, swinging from side to side. Once I spotted my target, I maneuvered myself over and had a soft, perfect landing. The ride was over, but I was left with a thirst for more. Fear success.

I have learned to do what is most important to me and not to leave things for tomorrow. The sky has taught me to appreciate and take control of life. I never put my goals last. The more people tell me I cannot do something the harder I try to succeed. I understand that some days may seem like a rainstorm and I may get a bit discouraged, but I have learned to use these days to prepare my gear for tomorrow’s Jump. My first experience skydiving taught me many lessons on life especially to take life one day at a time and to enjoy all it has to offer.

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