I have submitted our report on Omni-Tech to Kevin Joking and he has two suggestions. He said “. You need to break the intro into paragraphs and make sure each one has a clear topic sentence. And the writing is often choppy and sometimes awkward. But the most important thing to remember is that readers need to understand the context of what you’re writing about. ” Basically, we have to word things differently to make the text readable to everyone, especially Caroline.

We must organize the intro in such a form that readers will understand exactly what we are talking about without having to read the rest to figure It out. The context Is too confusing and may cause the reader to have trouble with reading It. When I say this I mean instead of us using vocabulary that we understand because we know this gadget, use terms that everyone will know. Another example, using bold font when there is no caution; Instead place the cautions at the beginning or end. Lastly , we should spell out acronyms ; the people who read this may not know what DISC stands for.