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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 4, 2017
Type of paper: MedicalSociety
Words: 336
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Winter clothes

The alma of this annotated bibliography Is to enable nurses, patients, and others people with an interest In Issues of nursing political actively and full and effective participation Inclusion In society. The responsibility of nurses Is to provide services designed to promote health, prevent Illness, and achieve optimal recovery from or adaptation to health problems.

I have selected five texts published since 2001 and, I view selection as containing some of the most recent, relevant and Important work In this area and from 5 articles I choose two for annotation. Hay, J. (2006, May 28). Principles to assist clinical nurse participation in political activities. Journal of Michigan Nursing Association, USA, 79(3), 6-7 My first article which I choose “Principles to support clinical nurse participation in political activities” by James Hay, BBS, CERN, MET-B.

In this article, Hay describes his educational experience while coming immersed, as a clinical nurse, in political activities at the local, state, and national levels dames Hay, 2006). The author wants to provide principles to identify key concept for nurses to become knowledgeable about political participation, avenues to act upon this information, and techniques to help recruit other nurses. Moreover, the nurse’s role is to become politically active.

Finally, the article concludes by relating how clinical nurses can become politically active – by researching, asking question, looking beyond our owned daily tasks and by seeking opportunities to articulated Games Hay, 2006). Clinical nurses can become politically active to improve health care and create a better workplace. According to the author, in this article Hay become politically active was by the initial influences of the experienced and dedicated work.

Therefore, diversity of skills, role models and nursing mentors are the best ways to assist politically active. This article was the source of Ideas for Improving clinical nurses to become politically active and suggested avenues for future. Carnegie, E. , ; Krieger, A. (2009). Being And Doing Politics: An Outdated Model Or 1st Century Reality?

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