Wayward cells Essay

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Wayward cells

According to the Merriam-Webster. Com an Analogy is “a comparison of two things based on their being alike in some way. “‘ a similarity between like features of two things. In the first three paragraphs they give us an explanation & example of how our body is compared with a work area and with that they show us how cancer may reproduce in our body.

It is expressed as if a rocker takes a piece and works on it but with different material, and so on and so forth until the room(body) is full of workers(cancer). I learned two characteristics of cancer that the author talks about which are: It can be caused by “a defect in cell’s DNA code” that are called genetic, or it can be by something caused from a substance of the outside, that is called Carcinogens; another important topic was about the tumor cells, who can spread all over the human body creating new ones or even take he space of other organs.

Last paragraph talks about the most common therapies for cancer which I know they can be helpful for preventing the spread and in some cases cure it, but it’s not 100% sure that it will come back; my first question is, why hasn’t science improved the cure so that it won’t come again? ; and my final question is, if science gets lots of money, why don’t they make the chemotherapy less harmful for the human being?