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Scientific American Review

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: December 25, 2017
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Scientific American Review

“Turbochargers the Brain” Within this article, there are three key concepts that author Gary Sex would Like to elaborate on. These concepts include the wonder why college students and top notch executives use stimulants for better mental performance, even though those stimulants were no t originally made for that purpose. The next is the thought of distributing these drugs for the me natal enhancement of normal healthy people.

Lastly, Sits raises the question of how safe the SE drugs will be and If they are able to be taken on a regular basis without damaging the brain . “Turbochargers the brain” begins with describing the “H +” symbol, which represents futurists’ vision of cognitive and physical enhancement and progression of human be Inns by means of advanced technologies and factors Like brain enhancing pills. Even though former President George H. W.

Bush stated that the sass’s were the “decade of the better bra In,” the Idea off brain enhancing pill and their side effects has Instigated an argument between many reconstructions, ethicists, and physicians. In a controversial subject such as this one, the reasons for both sides of the argument tare vital. The first pro for widely distributing these drugs Is simply that they have been SC intestinally proven to enhance the brain, with executive function, memory, and attention being the examples.

A group of ethicists and neuroscience published their research with alma s of drifting away from the sole reason of these drugs being for pharmaceutical reasons. These SC Leninist suggested that if regular use of these drugs is proven safe and effective, then they co old help performance In the cognitive activities. However, other scientists suggest that Increase cognitive ability is simply a matter of putting in the effort to acquire more knowledge. Another worry of using these drugs for cognitive reverse effect, and begin to decline the ability of your working memory, while your lass ting memory gets better.

In the author’s conclusion of this article, Sits states that the first drugs that will probe lay be seen on the wide based market would not be drugs with the power of the famous Limitless pills. Rather, scientists are more likely to experiment with old or failed drugs to poss. fly improve one part of cognitive ability in the brain. While the demand and usefulness of a drug that improves cognitive ability safely would be incredibly high, the author makes a good p mint by worrying if consuming these drugs regularly would alter our emotions and instincts t hat make us human.

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