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Patient and Dr. White

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 15, 2017
Words: 1012
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Patient and Dr. White

A standardized coding system that is used primarily to identify products, 4 supplies, and services not included in the CPA book. _3 Who mandates that all part B providers must use this system? _9 National Coverage Policy such as Medicare or Medical MIME – Office Visits 1 . Shirley, a 28 year old established patient, presents to her gynecologist for her routine annual checkup. Shirley has no problems to report. The physician performs a complete preventive medicine check-up. Code_99395 2. Dry. Marble, an orthopedic surgeon, admits Mr.. Franks, who is 86 years old, into the hospital for a shattered hip. Dry.

Marble bills a level 2 Initial Inpatient hospital vault. Code 99222 3. Dry. White saw Sally in the office, she is a new patient. Sally has end stage renal disease and diabetes. The diagnoses and risks for mortality were extensive and high, There was an extensive amount of data for Dry. White to review with Sally. Dry. White reports a level 4 new patient visit. Code 99204 4. After talking to the family and Mrs.. Green, Dry. George decided It would be best to admit Mrs.. Green Into a nursing home. She had fallen and hurt her hip and her blood sugars were not stable. Dry. George reports a level 2 admit to Sunshine Nursing 1 OFF 5.

An 80 year old was admitted to observation after falling and hitting his head. The physician performed a comprehensive history and exam and reports a level 3. Code 99235 6. The patient was seen in the ERE after falling from the Jungle gym at the playground. She had quite a few bumps and bruises. The ERE physician ordered a CT scan of the brain and reports a level 3 visits. Code 70460, 99283 7. The patient had been admitted into the hospital 3 days ago when the family reactive doctor decided to call in the infectious disease doctor for his advice and opinion on the patient.

The infectious disease doctor performed a comprehensive history and exam and reports a level 4 visit, a report was sent back to the requesting physician. Code 99254 8. 48-year-old established patient came in for his 6 month follow-up for his TN, COOP and DMS. The provider reports a level 4 office visit. 99214 9. Mark had been in the hospital for 2 days now and his fever and blood pressure were both elevated. Dry. Clue ordered and IV and more blood work to see if this was a viral or bacterial infection. Dry. Clue reports a level 2 daily hospital visit. 99225 10.

This is Julies second day in observation and she is feeling much better. Dry. Bob wants to keep Julie one more day to make sure her glucose levels stay in normal range. Dry. Bob reports a level 1 daily BOBS visit. Code 99224 ‘CD coding 1. Tommy was up all night with a fever and vomiting. His mom was so hoping it wasn’t another ear infection. Code 780. 60, 787. 0 2. Matt has had left lower abdominal pain for 2 day. He hopes it’s not appendicitis. Code 789. 0 3. Margaret has a pressure ulcer on her right hip that was stage three. Code 07. 23 4. Mary had been coughing for 3 days.

Dry. Bob took a chest x-ray and it was positive for pneumonia. Code 486 335. 20 6. Patty finally went to BOGGY for her menorahs. 626. 2 7. The 22-year old female presents to the ERE after falling down a hill while hiking with her dog. She complains of left wrist pain. The DE physician gets a wrist x-ray and assess it is a sprain and wraps the wrist with an ace bandage. Code: 842. 00 8. A 1 year old established patient visited the pediatrician for her well-bay exam, which included discussion with the mother about the need for routine vaccines.

She wants to wait and read up on vaccines for before she inoculates her baby. Code: via. 2 9. Kate is a long-time patient of Dry. Hardy office and presents today with a sinus pain and a fever. She also has osteoporosis. Dry. Hardy assess she has acute sinusitis. She then tells him that her hip has been bothering her and he does a hip x-ray that confirms that she has osteoporosis of the hip. Code: 733. 00 461. 9, 14. 45 -year old patient woke up to get ready for works this morning, feeling his usual self. Prior to leaving home, he developed a posterior headache.

He described it as a dull pain in the back of his head. It was constant ache at first, but is Just keeps intensifying. He has presented to the ERE for treatment. CT of the head was ordered and it came back negative. The headache could not be brought under control so a MR. was then ordered and that came back negative. Patient was given IV Morphine and admitted to observation for more testing. Code: 410. 6 15. Barbara is here for 3 month follow-up for her medications. She also has complaints of bilateral hand tremors. Labs were drawing for her hyperglycemia and hypothyroidism.

She also has an issue of congestive heart failure, which has been stable. We will refill her meds for the above chronic conditions. The patient then noted an intention tremor of her hands. She denies any resting tremor. I did reassure her is not a typical appearance of Parkinson disease. Follow-up in 3 months or sooner if any problems occur. Code: via, 170. 5, 428. 0 16. The patient had a primary, malignant tumor of the throat. Code 149. 0 CPA coding 11200 2. Marsha was washing dishes and sliced her hand open on a steak knife. She went to the doctor and had a simple skin laceration repair.

The wound was 4 CM long. 12042 3. Billy came in for skin debasement of his left thumb nail. 11720 4. Joey is playing in the back yard and falls over a wagon and twists his ankle. His mom takes him to his primary care physician. The physician exams the boy and takes an ankle x-ray. The physician provides a closed treatment off proximal fibula fracture without manipulation. Code 27750 5. 3-year-old had put tiny little beads up her nose. The provider had to remove the foreign body from her nose. Code _30300 6. 28-year-old was in a head on automotive collision.

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