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Health and Social users clasification

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 14, 2017
Words: 404
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Health and Social users clasification

I am going to tell you how care workers identify service users and its really important that they identify them so that they can give them the right type of care one of the ways is by age because there is lots of different types of age ranges like e. G baby’s which is from 0-5 then there is children which is from 6-11 then teenagers which s from 12-18. After that there is early adulthood which is 19-25 then there’s the middle aged adulthood which is 26-35. Later on there is later adulthood which is 36-50 last but not least there is the elderly which is 51+.

Baby Its important for a baby to be identified by professional care workers because there only baby’s and they need different care from adults or teenagers, the things teenagers or an older child gets is way too strong for a baby and he wont be able to cope with all the Toddlers Teenagers Adult Later adulthood The second way is gender because It also depends on how if you’re a girl, boy, woman r a man because a girl would need different medicine, care and support than a woman and a boy would also need different care, medicine and support from a man even though they are the same gender they need different types of care because boys can’t take on the full on medicine that men take and there body haven’t developed as a man has and the same goes to girls and women.

The thirds reason Is appearance, you can identify people by there appearance but you should never discriminate them by It or treat them any different from anyone else. Yes It might mean that you have to look more Into what they have took and what they need to take but what I mean Is that for e. G. If they got a cold and they need a certain medicine that usually everyone gets and they do need It to make them feel better you shouldn’t purposely not give them It because you think they don’t deserve It or you think they are rude. Its your Job so you should do It, your getting paid for It so you should do what your tolled to do, not what you think you should do. The forth thing Is the place of residence

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