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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 10, 2017
Words: 582
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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

The sudden onset of her son’s death was an extremely traumatic event that caused her to experience a temporary amnesia of the vents of the previous week including the death of her son. The extent of the emotional trauma results in temporary impairment but it can be reversed through therapy. Case Study 2: Schizophrenia The display of catatonic behavior in combination with hallucinations and negative effects are clear symptoms of ADSM-IV criteria for schizophrenia (PAPA, 2000).

A clinician would require information over a minimum off month to diagnose one with schizophrenia but symptoms previously mentioned would be cause for alarm and should be further investigated. Tony did not sleep well and believed he was working s an FBI agent (Ixia College, n. D. ). When he was questioned by the school dean, It appeared that he would pause as if he were listening to other voices or sounds; this can be classified as hallucinations. Social withdrawal and the lack of personal hygiene are symptoms of negative effects in schizophrenia.

The aggressive behavior towards the second professor are signs that Tony was experiencing a little more than simple Irritation; in this scenario It is safe to say that Tony was becoming dysfunctional In both his academics and social life. Case Study 3: Conversion Disorder with Sensory Symptoms The traumatic car accident that Anis (n. D. ) experienced induced a comparator disorder that Is categorized as a conversion disorder with sensory symptoms (1994); numbness In both hands being a sensory symptom. Although physically there are no emotional trauma can cause a psychological impairment.

A clinician would require a psychological or neurological evaluation to rule out other mental disorders or substance use and abuse. Anis is not intentionally causing the symptoms but the psychological distress from the trauma is enough to result in a comparator disorder. Case Study 4: Schizoid Personality Disorder A detachment from family and friends in association with little to no display of emotions are signs of a schizoid personality disorder (PAPA, 2000). Although some symptoms can act as a mood disorder like depression, it is not a depressive state that makes Josephine (n. . ) emotionless and non-respondent to criticism, appraisal, humor or other social emotions. The social isolation and preference in solitary activities like playing games while others eat a holiday meal together indicates that Josephine presents a flat affect. However, the dysfunctional aspect of Josephine not being able to keep a Job because of her inability to interact with others could possibly be an indication of the onset of a full blown schizophrenia case; stating her case as a schizoid personality disorder performed (2000).

At present, however, Josephine signs and symptoms according to ADSM-IV diagnostic criteria is currently a Schizoid Personality Disorder (PAPA, 2000). Case Study 5: Narcissistic Personality Disorder The excessive attention seeking and presenting one’s self as a superior force wows that Luis thinks of himself as a unique individual; he believes he should reap the benefits of upper management although he does not yet have the credentials.

The obsession of interacting with higher authority figures displays a complete disregard for fellow coworkers, as though they do not deserve his attention. These illusions are a part of a narcissistic personality disorder. Luis (n. D. ) displays many symptoms but a clinician may require an evaluation that seeks five symptoms or more before diagnosing Luis with narcissistic personality disorder (PAPA, 1994). The jack of patience for others (n. D. )

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