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Vodafone Market

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 12, 2017
Words: 1182
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Vodafone Market

Describe what this stake is and how it works. In what could Avoidance be said to also have a stake in its recycling partners? Avoidance has a new view of the Supply Chain where both Customers & Recycling partner are part of the recycling loop, participating in extending the life cycle of the product. Customers’ awareness about the importance of the recycling in reducing the Carbon footprint & retaining the sustainability of the environment; will encourage them to send back all their old bile phones & handsets to Avoidance stores or to a recycle.

The recycle such as Fontana, will Judge whether the phone can be re-used & re-sold in the developing countries with lower prices or if it needs to be recycled rather than sent to landfill. The recycling activity will not be completed or successful without the cooperation of the customers in returning their old phones & without the efforts of the recycling partner. Avoidance on the other side can play a vital role in bumping up mobile phone recycling rates. It has to build up this awareness between its customers through rake recycling initiatives in monthly statements or weekly circulars.

Moreover, Avoidance should start this campaign from training its employees to inform customers of recycling options and the benefits obtained from such process for the whole environment. Avoidance should actually be proactive & not Just wait for the customer to come to the drop off points for returning their phones. It can provide more financial incentives like paying for shipping & facilitate the process of collecting the old phone such as providing pre-paid envelop or allowing customers to print prepaid postage stamps to mail old phones to recycling centers. GE 10 of 17 d) Who are the key internal stakeholders in Avoidance? Evaluate the acceptability of the phone recycling scheme to: The primary stakeholders in any organization are the management or what is called Board of Directors (BODY) and the employees. Shareholders might also represent internal stakeholders when some employees own shares in their company. A) Shareholders Shareholders support Avoidance’s recycling scheme since they will be part of the leading company. They are interested in investing in a company that not only profitable but also has a positive impact on the environment and leading in CRY.

As a shareholder, in order to invest in a company I will not only look at the financial performance of that company. I will actually care a lot about the company’s vision, mission, and goals. Then, every year I will evaluate to what extend this company achieved its short-term goals & what is its strategy for the future ones. Reducing Carbon footprint & environment pollution is one of the issues acceptance by society every company nowadays will take a responsible action in this field. Therefore, shareholders will be very sensitive to their company performance and initiatives in the issues related to environment & society.

The key performance indicators for the year end 31 March 2010 in CRY that of shareholders’ interest are discussed below: page 11 of 17 Avoidance Group Ply’s 2010 Review of the Year and Notice of Annual General Meeting shows the following results that Board of Directors discussed with the company’s shareholders. In fact, shareholders usually discuss the financial performance & review the result every Annual General Assembly Meeting (GM). The financial report shows an increase in the revenue of the Avoidance Group Pl by E. Ban in 2010. This resulted in an increase in the dividends per share paid for the shareholders by 7%.

Nevertheless, the cash flow has increased by 26. 5% in 2010. All the above information are important for the shareholder, however, they also need to know the company’s performance in other social & environmental fields. For example, they will question the decrease in the number of phones collected for reuse & recycling. They will be interested in knowing what strategies the company is taking to reduce the carbon emissions. Http://www. Avoidance. Com/etc/medial/GM_lo. Par. 61357. File. Data/20 page 12 of 17 b) Employees of Avoidance Employees are part of the whole company they are working in.

Employees as well as management are concerned with the degree of the internal environment excellence that the company exhibit. They will be proud that their company is a leader in CRY, not only a leader in a communication network. They will adopt the company’s goals & put their efforts to accomplish them especially when these goals will benefit them in many aspects. Based on the case, no obvious statistics show the employees stake in recycling, however, we can figure out that Avoidance’s employees have an acceptance of the recycling scheme.

They participate in all the environmental actions Avoidance is taking toward being CRY leader. They return their old mobile phones through the Fontana system. Nevertheless, they can educate the customer of the return & recycle process and the importance of it to wastes such as energy waste and paper used. Page 13 of 17 Below, shows the material issues at Group level based on the company’s assessment in February 2010. It is clear that the climate change & energy use & renewable has the highest importance to stakeholders & has also the highest influence on the business success.

Page 14 of 17 3 Short Comments a) What have you learned from the case? This case represents a practical issue on the object “Social Responsibility’. It enriched my knowledge on how the company should take serious strategic actions in protecting the environment & what strategies might be applicable for such purpose. B) How would this case be useful in analyzing and/or understanding other cases? There is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi says: “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching”.

Another quote says: “Practice is the best of all instructors”. This is true!! By practicing the analysis of such a case I could build up a new analytical framework of how I might analyze other cases. I started to eve new skills in understanding what is behind the words & reading in between the lines. This improved my critical thinking & analytical skills. C) What extra information do you need to reach better Judgment on the organization’s choices and actions? The case is focusing on specific topic in CRY, which is recycling & reusing of old phones.

However, in order to evaluate the company’s strategy I had to search for the company actions across the whole supply chain starting from suppliers to the ending customers. This is because the concept of CRY is very wide & to be a leader in CRY the many should cover all the possible decisions & adopt the right strategies. I have already added most of the information needed to Judge on the company’s choices such as its action in reducing the carbon emissions by through the evolution of network technology, investment in energy efficiency and by making greater use of renewable generated electricity.

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