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Market Research

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
Words: 628
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Market Research

Use marketing research for marketing planning Marketing planning is concerned with establishing objectives and goals, allocating resources to meet these setting out a clear plan of action. It also involves setting out ways of evaluating performance against marketing targets. Introduction: The organization I have chosen Is the Haring Sixth Form Centre and I will be Investigating one mall Issue within the centre. The one main issue that I’m going to investigating will be the availability of the books in the centers library.

In order to investigate this issue, I will be doing a questionnaire o investigate certain problems that students face regarding the books in the library. Target audience The target audience I have chosen for my Investigation will be the students from the business Department. This is mainly because I have come across students who do not have the access to the business texts books, even though there are some students who somehow find the business texts book when they visit the centers library.

About organization: Harrying Sixth form Centre Harrying Sixth Form Centre is a campus providing the environment and state of the art facilities young people deserve. The building has Wi-If technology for laptops and extensive network connections in every classroom and throughout the learning centre. The centre is zoned to provide specialist facilities for each area of the curriculum. Each zone has a dedicated yet flexible Study Centre. It Is the only centre in Harrying dedicated to offering full time courses for 16-19 year olds.

Students are treated Like young adults but also offered all the support they need to succeed. The Sixth Form is divided in to six faculties offering a range of academic and vocational Courses. Students can choose a combination of subjects from any of the faculties to ensure your programmer is suited to them. All faculties are staff by highly qualified teachers and support staff who will encourage you to become independent learners and confident young adults with the skills to succeed In the work place or to progress to Higher Education.

Research method and fee I will be using one research method and the research method I’m going to use for this task will be the questionnaires, I have produced. This is mainly because I want to get reliable information which can only be found through giving out the questionnaires. I will cost me app to print the questionnaires because will use my identity card In order to use the centers printer. Project The area that I am carrying out my research on is the centers Library.

I am for their specific use. Objectives and data to be collected For the research that I’m going to be carrying out I want to find the availability of the books within the center’s library. In order to carry out the research I’m going to be doing the following: Designing a questionnaire. The questionnaire will have questions related to the research I’m doing. Give out the questionnaires to students re interested using some of their time to fill out the questionnaire in the business department.

Reporting and presenting requirement After receiving the results from the questionnaires and having 10 students to fill the questionnaire which had I produced for my research task. I have come across students that face problems when wanting to borrow a book from the centers library. 72% of the students find it hard to borrow a book from the centers library due to the lack of the books they wish to borrow. 28% of the students said they did not face any kind of problems when borrowing a book from the centers library.

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