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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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The “goals of happiness” for some people can be using cosmetic beauty products. For example Proactive Acne Solution an acne treatment for people who suffer with acne problems. This product attracts people hope to have clear “perfect” skin and happiness to love their outer beauty. Another example, breast augmentation In women is a body featured that Beverly Hills Physicians influence In women to have the “perfect” body. These ads with pictures of perfection can mislead consumers, disappoint and have a negative effect on the Individual.

Jessica Simpson, a country singer and advocate for Proactive Acne Solution introduces this product to promote the effect of using this acne product in one’s daily fife. She displays a before profile photo of herself without using the product on her skin then an after profile photo to reveal clear skin after using the product for two weeks. Her guarantee is we will be pleased to go out in the public looking “perfect” with having clear facial skin. The message this ad use in having a famous person be the company sponsor is that normal people can be like the singer.

The relief people understand from the company ad it is the thirty-day trial guarantee or the company will refund the money with the exception of the shipping charge for one to try the reduce. Also, the advertisement features young or older people who have acne and want to feel delighted to go to social outings with clear facial skin. The pleasant feeling of having clear facial skin Is the person’s “goal of happiness. ” The person’s self esteem gets better which produces contentment in using this product. Another example, Beverly Hills Physicians is an agency advertising its free consultation for breast augmentation.

Breast implants will supposedly improve women’s self-image, boosting self-confidence and satisfaction. The “pictures of perfection” for breast implants has been used to lure women who feel their breasts are too small; women can instantly see the result of having a cup size increased after the surgery. The “goal of happiness” is to boost women’s self-esteem and therefore make them blessed with their appearance. The ad message is that if a woman has small breasts and gets breasts enhancement then she will feel beautiful and attract a man.

Another message a woman Is Implied In the ads Is that she was born with a defect that can not be fixed. Ads create fear In people to feel not normal, and the product makes people feel a relief to be normal or have a successful life. Although Proactive Acne Solution has increased its sales in America to promote the product, it does not really product can not fix. Consumers learn that clear skin is not perfection. The ad leads to a distorted picture of reality in that people also have to maintain a nutritional diet and regular exercise to have clear skin.

People need to invest more time in other things that ads are not saying. Ads never mention that people use cover up make-up to cover facial imperfections, too. The ads edit women imperfections by using special effects that hide those acne scars on camera. The other example for women who do a areas augmentation are not always satisfied if they do not feel it leads them to having the “perfect” body they always wanted. The plastic surgery doctors do say they will assist women to feel Joyful for having bigger breasts.

Breast augmentation’s distorted picture of reality is that eventually women will always need maintenance of future breast corrections like sagging breasts as women age. Women’s lives are at risk in going under the knife to have breasts enhancements. Breast implants can create scars from the surgery which is another hidden outcome of women having future body corrections to create their idea of having the “perfect” body. Women learn that first you need to be happy to have a pleasant personality since the saying goes people are more Judged upon inner beauty than outer beauty.

The message ads do not say is that people are different and it is fine to be unique. Ads create a fuzziness of perception because it appeals to people’s emotions which sometimes make consumers bad decision makers. Especially women are more emotional that if a woman is feeling depressed and an ad shows images that makes her believe she needs that product to feel happy again then she gives into the ad “picture of perfection” to be her “goal of happiness. ” Beauty cosmetic ads attract women. These ads create women to be more vulnerable to insecurities that lead them to a severe depression eventually.

The widespread cosmetic products ads on women to have “perfection” create women to have emotional and mental effects that lead them with no self-esteem. Ads are very pervasive on individuals here in America to have consumers believe that they are supposedly making wise decisions. For men their seduction has been technology in having the upgraded models in phones, home equipment, car accessories, etc. For example the Lincoln ad with Matthew Micromanage stating that he bought the car because he Just liked it gives consumers n impression that people buy things because they Just liked it.

Although people buy things for other reasons not mentioned in the ad like is the product going to make people lives more productive. Ads encourage people to make hasty decisions because they are expected to find solutions to their problems quickly. When people solve their problems with patience, people’s attitude is what creates an individual to make wise decisions in life to develop their maturity. The important effect of widespread and influential advertising on individuals here in America is that impasses want to motivate consumers to buy their products or invest in their products.

Ads imply that if consumers do not buy these products then they will not be happy. For example, Proactive Acne Solution advertisement says clear skin is perfection but if we do not use the product then we will not have clear skin; therefore we will not have perfect skin and we will develop low self-esteem. The high number of ads for breast augmentation has influenced women to feel good for having bigger breasts. If a woman has small breasts, but does not get the plastic surgery, then she believe they are beautiful.

Especially in America, the country of the production of movies, these movies show women’s physique to be “perfect. ” Women come to believe we need to have that body to be “perfect” and favored. People are being flooded daily with ads that say they need to buy certain products to make their lives more satisfying. These ads or images may seem like perfect tools to influence people to buy those products, so they can be grateful. Through time, consumers have learned that investing money in these products only brings them more unhappiness as a person and are victims of buying product after product.

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