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Tut Week

Specifically the aims of this tutorial are to: Produce frequency distributions and histograms for numerical data Calculate by pen- ND-paper some of the standard summary measures used to describe single quantitative variables. Produce summary measures using Microsoft Excel. Practice choosing the most appropriate summary measures to describe a variable. Interpret the results from your analysis In regard to the following scenario. Scenario We continue with the analysis of the Cinnabar employee data set that we started in Part 1 of this tutorial.

Cinnabar is a manufacturing company which employs over 3,000 people. Management is concerned about the wide variation in productivity between employees and whether employee Job satisfaction and their sense of Job security plays any part In this problem. The organization also has staff planning Issues that need addressing, Including planning to replace workers who retire, undertaking a recruitment drive for new employees and providing adequate promotion The company has conducted a survey of 48 of their staff, collecting data on these and related issues.

You are required to provide Cinnabar management with a report on (a) the age profile of staff and (b) the productivity of staff. In particular, are they eating the target of 100% productivity? 1. Open the data file and install the Data Analysis Outlook Open the file Cinnabar_20th. XSL in Excel. To perform a number of statistical calculations in Excel.