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Problem in Employee Absenteeism

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 8, 2017
Type of paper: Business EssaysManagement
Words: 386
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Problem in Employee Absenteeism

Herrings Motivation Hygiene theory suggest that these two are hygiene factor or dissatisfies (cola 1996) he noted that these factors are more related to the context, or environment of work then to its content. When in line with employee requirements, such factor could smooth the path of working life, but in a taken for granted way. When these factors out of line with employees expectation, they could be sources of difficulty and complaint, it definitely provide grounds of dissatisfaction at work. (coal 1996) It is needed to increase salary and interpersonal relationship among the manager and staffs in the organization for motivation tools.

Leadership All leaders have the ability to manage, but only a small proportion of managers have the necessary skills to become strong leaders. Last year in this organization’s business growth was high, but this year it goes down for poor leadership and management. (Coal, 1996) suggest that this organization running by authoritarian leadership style where leader makes all decision and manager help the leader for making it. Staffs are not participate at any decision making process inside the organization, for that reason staff cannot able to motivate and give concentration at he work place.

Although the power of the position may be defined, manager may not be able to implement them because of weak personality, lack of adequate training or other factor. As a production -oriented manager , manager behave with the employee more directive and more concern with the task needs rather than staff needs(Coal 1996). Rosemary Stewart (1963) developed leadership Qualities by the help of some American executives (David Bacchanalian) according these qualities some qualities like Judgment, human relation skill are missing in leadership of that organization.

Leader’s Judgment skill is very low because he always discuss with the manager rather than staffs about any particular issue. Everyday shop starts its operation from 8. 30 but the owner as a leader goes to the shop generally at 1 1. Ma’am. This is a misuse of his power as a leader. When leader arrive in shop all staffs try to be concentrated to there work rather than they pass their time very lazily. Hershey and Blanchard provided a model regarding situational leadership. According to this model there is a participative style between manager and staffs.

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