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Outback Steakhouse Cases Study

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 11, 2017
Words: 815
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Outback Steakhouse Cases Study

Sullivan and Bash sold their Chili’s franchise sometime In 1987 In order to fund their new venture, and they summoned Cannon to network with them. (Hit, Ireland & Houston, 2007) Outback Steakhouse chose to take a route that many restaurants don’t take. Instead of hiring bargain laborers that may or may not have the attributes that they believe are needed to succeed, they have made a concerted effort to only hire those who are able to make It through a rigorous process strategically set up to capture the essence of what an Outback is.

With this process in place unlike many other genuineness outback can hire with the confidence of knowing that the people who were chosen to join their business team should fit right in. The most important resource in gaining a competitive advantage is human capital. Outback Steakhouse incorporated a detailed selection procedure for entry level and management personnel that lad In finding talent, and retaining the talent that Is found. These steps ensure that their efficiency and effectiveness Is at a higher level than those who don’t take the time and effort to guarantee that the right people are aired for the right position.

This selection method is a benefit to the overall organizational competitive advantage, it affords Outback the opportunity to recruit candidates, evaluate their credentials, and then select those who are most competent based on preset objectives. (Stewart & Brown, 2009) Flying a potential candidate that lives up to the corporation’s philosophy, Ideologies, and ethics Is at the forefront of outback’s mission. They have a demanding selection process that ensures a cherry-picked candidate regardless of the position being applied for.

Our text informs us that significant preparation goes into making Outback a great place to work which is why hiring people who will enhance the environment they have created is vital Everything that they have done and continue to do proves that the organization values how each and every team member fits. They have proven to themselves and to others that taking time to hire the right people will prove invaluable in the long run. (Stewart & Brown, 2009) Outback starts their process with one of the most important issues that a future employee is concerned with, will I like this position and what does it require of me.

All applicants are given a realistic job preview. This part of the process is beneficial to both the candidate and the business because those who see that the job isn’t for them can walk away without wasting valuable time. The second part of the selection want you to know from the very beginning that a high standard of morality, values, and principles are a requirement, which again gives those we don’t see this as a good fit a chance to say thanks but no thanks. These two steps in the beginning of the recess are placed imperative so the business can find others who are closer to the ideal applicant rather than going through the motions.

Once an applicant agrees with what has been presented to them they start the actual application. (Stewart & Brown, 2009) The next part of the progression is testing the applicant’s cognitive ability, personality, and Judgment through a series of tests that derived from the current Outback’s who have already had success. In my opinion this is a critical part of the method they have chosen because anyone can say that they agree to adhere to the erection of the company, but it is much more difficult to manufacture false replies on a standardized test when you don’t really know the exact answer they would consider to be correct.

The last portion of the procedure is reserved for those who have made it through the initial steps. A formal interview is done and the interviewees’ experience, orientation towards the Outback philosophy, service, cordiality, collaboration, communication, and quick thinking is put to the test. I believe that the way the process is aligned couldn’t be more strategically sound. Also considering they don’t have the same issues that a lot of other restaurants have with turnover their way of doing things seems to speak for itself.

Validity can be measured by the effectiveness of any particular method. A selection method is valid if it aids in the increase of the chance of hiring the right individual for the business. Low absenteeism, high retention, and high moral are benchmarks by which a selection method can be validated. It’s clear that the desired outcome that Outback had in mind has come to past which undoubtedly shows that although many others may disagree with the way they go about their business it is a valid procedure that produces the desired results of the corporation.

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