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Operation Improvement Plan

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 14, 2017
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Operation Improvement Plan

Experts dealing with the case inform that in similar projects inspection and control should be conducted exclusively by independent third party which was not the case this time as the process was controlled by state company called Enron Darting spoilsports (Morton, 2012). In terms of the operations, it seems that the massive outsourcing caused the loss of control and revision mechanism over the project. In addition, inventory used in construction was probably underestimated as well as the resource planning mainly in terms of the workforce.

Analysis – Solutions, Reasoning and Implementation of Theories One of the possible solutions that could be implemented in order to improve the run of the company and avoid possible construction mistakes and closely related tragedies is to improve project management. The reasonable and careful managing of the project is the key factor of the success. Therefore, the company should invest time, integrate responsible and experienced employees to manage and fulfill all following steps that are needed to end project without any problems.

According to Larson and Grey, the major characteristics of the project management are: “1 . An established objective 2. A defined life span with a beginning and an end 3. Usually, the involvement of several departments and professionals 4. Typically, doing something that has never been done before 5. Specific time, cost, and performance requirements” (2011). First of all, company should clearly set and define the project. This step includes information like the target group, importance of the project, and the level of difficulty.

Establishing of objectives is important in order to have an idea of needed financial and other available resources, qualification of employees that will be needed in the process and overall information about the scope. After the objectives are defined and described enough, there is a needed to determine the timeline of the project. In this step, there should be clearly stated how long it takes to complete the project without lowering the quality and all other deadlines connected to the project. Then, company should follow the third step which is to communication with workforce involved.

To be more specific, company should create divided into the groups, they have to be closely connected together and be under the guidance of a project manager. The teams have to be aware and well informed about the project. One part of this step is to deeply cooperate with outsourcing companies if there are some. Next step is related to the flexibility of the project management. Even though there the steps are determined and require some kind of routine, company has to be flexible, so that it is easy to change or improve whatever might be added.

Finally, one of the most important functions of the project management is constraints like specific time, cost and performance. Company should follow all of the steps to successfully finish the project on time and within the appropriate budget (Larson and Grey, 2011). The reason why improvement of the Project Management would be beneficial for the company is that it is obvious that Krill is doing mistakes in some of the already mentioned steps. If the company would focus on deep analysis and management of all project parts, they will decrease the amount of failures and mistakes done previously.

For example, it would be wise to scheme the impact of usage of various materials and techniques to see its results and predict possible dangers. The analysis based on the project management principles that would be done before the start of the construction will clearly demonstrate that it is not possible to think about cheaper materials or untested techniques in such a construction. Even though, a project manager may plan to use wrong materials in step 1, in third step which is focusing on discussion among specialists and technologists, this will be strongly refused.

Therefore, project management improvement would be very beneficial for company. Krill in order to increase construction efficiency and reliability. Another possible solution, for the problem that occurred, can be usage of Deeming cycle. Deeming cycle consists or 4 different steps, which are plan, do, check and act. If this cycle was used for control and improvement of processes of building bridge, disaster as crushing wouldn’t happen. Project managers that worked on this project could have used Deeming cycle to check and improve the project process, and probably result wouldn’t be the same.

They could PLAN all costs and needed time for the project. After careful analysis of time and cost, it is wise to increase the price of the construction offer in order to eliminate risk of unexpected problems and also to cover additional expenses arising during the project. Planning phase also involves creation of construction scenarios with evaluating pros and cons of all possibilities. Just after careful analysis is done, the company can continue with DO. However, in this phase it is necessary to start with a sample of construction and scenario implementation to see if the plan works according to expectations.

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