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Marks and Spencer: Case Analysis

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 12, 2017
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Marks and Spencer: Case Analysis

Economic HOOK close economic relationships with the Mainland, the value of the RFM is also a key factor affecting the performance of HOOK business environment. The appreciation of the RMI against the HIKE also helped to draw a large number of Mainland visitors to HOOK more consumption. (Chart 8) 3. Technology The advent of internet – has added a new dimension to the E-shopping experience.

Consumers can easily and quickly compare online, product specifications, price and availability. Thus, it allows them to gain information faster on the purchase they wish to make. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented strategy or managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology system to organize and synchronize business processes internally for different departments. 4. Tourism The Individual Visit Scheme (AVIS) allows Gudgeon residents of these cities to visit HOOK in their individual capacity, which has largely boosted Mainland consumers’ propensity for spending and outbound travel.

Mainland China was the growth engine of arrivals to Hong Kong in the first three quarters of this year. Arrivals from the Southeast Asian market also grew steadily achieved by Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. (Table 9) Among all overnight visitors, those from Mainland China have the highest per capita spending at HOOK$7,453. And the second high per capita spending is Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific regions at HOOK$7,059. (Table Ill: Recruitment & Selection criteria Recruitment Ways: Walk-in interview/ Recruitment Day/ Agency Job Title: Full time / Part Time / Temporary Sales Advisor Responsibilities: Possess professional customer services and selling skills, perform cashier duties and increase sales opportunities.

Job Description: Provide customer service to the guests; promote company membership program and reduces, handle day-to-day shop operation activities store, assist in store manager Form 5 or above, Minimum 1-2 years relevant experience in retail industry, Excellent in Cantonese and Good command of both written and spoken in English and Mandarin. Personal attitude should be proactive, responsible and able to work independently. Other Benefits for full time sales advisors only: Fringe benefit of Staff Discount; 5 days week with 42 hours; Life & Medical Insurance; Performance Bonus; Charity working day; meal allowance; sales training; promotional prospect. Recruitment Interviews: We hire a potential candidate to applied part time sales advisor for testing the recruitment criteria and the selling skills. Details of 1st interview: Self-introduction & M&S company background introduction, reason for apply on this position.

Candidate prepared English resume for 1st interview in order to have a brief idea of the candidate & to test the presentation skills which is help understand candidate’s passion & commitment of this position. In addition, candidates need to speak in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English during interview. As result, it proposes to check the candidate language level could it be met tankard. Details of 2nd interview: Fill in interview application form with personal data, education background and working experience. Four candidates role-play, two as customers and two as a sales advisor. Candidate review role’s task list in 2 minutes and then according to given task list for role-playing. Role playing is to test the candidate is capable to provide the customer service of selling techniques and product promotion and sales procedure.

In order to test the candidate ability to face the unexpected situation for this role-play environment. Lb. Current Training Program For the new recruitment of Sales Advisor – Initial Training Course Handout Cot-2011 The training is handled by learning & development team from Human resource department. The contents split into 8 topics, 1 test and feedback of training program. 1 . Company Overview – Introduce of company background, time line history, company vision, stores location and dress code. 3. Store structure, benefits, ROTA and leave 4. Theft & Loss – how to prevent the theft case and how to do when there is loss in store. 5. Health & Safety – Hygiene, safety and shoplifting at working area. 6.

Product knowledge – To understand M&S different garment size codes or different items specification e. G. Suit, coordinates, formal trousers and the indication of garment label such as the PUC barded, color or size, care labels instruction, department code, fabric features e. G. Washable & tumble dry wool property and benefits. Sales advisor need to understand M&S measurements guideline of garment alteration, quality assurance and operation in order to understand Marks & Spencer vision. 7. Machine quick user manual & till operation – Cashier operation functions key on different refund procedures and payment methods. When do we need to inform the manager?

How to handle the different situations about customer request for product exchange or refund procedure such as on product defects? Basic service standard in different jobs positions on sales floor, fitting room, cashier and daily service checklist. 8. Total servicing experience – M&S servicing standard and selling skill. For example, being 9. Test – 23 multiple choice that about the contents of training. 10. Feedback do you learning and how the trainer’s performance in the training program? V: Mystery Shoppers http://www. Hiker. Org/en/program/sac/index-2. HTML what M periodically arrange Mystery Shoppers assessment for the front-staffs, so as to monitor their services performance and identify areas that required improvement.

Also, M received for the Service & Courtesy Award 2010 by HIKER (Hong Kong Retail Management Association). Through this program, it promotes Marks and Spence’s service mission “is to do the right thing for our customer. ” VI: Marks & Spencer SOOT Analysis Strength Marks & Spencer is well known fashion retailer in I-J with sufficient capital support. In a challenging marketplace M&S has continued to grow with profits up on this year. M&S develops the long history heritage of quality and innovation, reminding customers the high value & quality provided by M&S under the trademark SST Michael. M&S provides a large range of clothing product assortments from menswear, women’s wear, kids wear, sleepwear and lingerie.

Those fashion products under several sub-brands such as Autograph, Classic, Limited Collection, Per Nun, in order to cater for different types & ages groups of customers. M offers the products are in high standards of quality and the after sales services with good reputation & customer satisfaction all over the world. Product can be returned for exchange or full refund within days of purchase with valid receipt and packing. The suppliers of M use the most modern and advanced production techniques for their appeal products. Using the latest fabric technology “Dry Extreme Shirt” helps men stay dry and smart all day, men suit is machine washable & can be tumble dry which is convenient. M awarded the Oracle World Retail of the Year 2011.

It recognizes and promotes the excellent image as Responsible Retailer to demonstrate world class standards of best practice in corporate responsibilities towards their key takeovers including employees, suppliers, customers and the community. They launched “Plan A” program that highlight to customers the various ethical and environmentally friendly aspects of the production and sourcing methods, in order to increase the environmental sustainability of the business. M has sold a wide range of charitable women’s clothes for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. M&S also encourages the staff to participate for volunteer works in Charity Working Day, so as to contribute for the society and helps the needy. Weakness M&S recruits many part time salespeople for peak seasons which may lead to low ensue of belonging and less team spirit with the permanent staffs.

Result, most of the part-time staff are not familiar with the stores operations or don’t have enough product knowledge. Recently, M starts to build up the new image from traditional I-J department stores to become fashionable stores. However, the marketing Also, M is not quick or aggressive enough to react to accelerating competition and made them in vulnerable to their competitors in the fashion market. Opportunities The retail business will continue to grow well, together with prevailing strength of inbound tourism and also high per capita tourist spending. The Mainland China leads majority in visitor arrivals to Hong Kong, also the highest per capita spending for overnight.

And, the second high per capita spending is Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific regions. There is also increasing trends for the household expenditure for the highest quartile group spending more expenditure on clothing. This is the opportunity for retailers to provide high value products or services for attracting those highest spending group who affords to pay for more expensive and expanding their target customer base. CRM systems can help the salesperson more knowledge about the customers buying practices. They also have the opportunity to maximize the use of available technology to improve their functioning and to gain competitive advantage. Threat Nowadays, customers are no more in brand loyalty.

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