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Individual Learning Journal

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 21, 2017
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Individual Learning Journal

Moreover, I found out what could be determining factors to affect the tenure choice, room a user-oriented approach , rather than In macroscopic ,but microscopic. Also, about skills, I learnt how to enter data to export as graphs to find the trend between some dependent Incidents. Moreover, I leant to find appropriate tools to tackle the problem, for example as mortgage payment Involve multiple Interest calculation; different mortgage calculators would be very helpful. What is your main contribution in this problem scenario?

In terms of topics, I work on Affordability at research stage and in-charge of introduction to property market at presentation. In general, help framing our reservation and report. For constructing the structure, as the topic consists of many aspects, I helped constructing a flow of presentation that, we will Investigate whether It Is a good time to enter the property market first, which Is concerning about the general environment, in macroscopic, and then investigate whether Billy and Amy can or cannot buy a flat, which is from the point of view of the users – Billy and Amy.

Hence we can determine the conclusion easier and in more systematic way. Talking about affordability, I use the predicted salary information, which prepared by Priscilla, and hen combine with governing notices by HACK, HECK, then process through mortgage calculator to calculate the debt to income ratio of Billy and Amy, whether they can pass the stress test, and the whether they can buy a 700 sq Ft flat in ho man tin in the presentation stage then at the report stage, I use those information to advise the minimum Income for them to buy a flat and the conditions.

Besides, I suggested some possible flats that they are afford to buy and to rent with conditions. What Is the most difficult problem you or your team have encountered and how did you or your team solve the problem? Economics, thus we are not familiar with those economic concepts, especially for the housing market part, which involves tones of terms and relations.

Secondly, the information is small in piece and cannot provide a big picture of the housing market, for example, relationship between US federal fund rate and interest rate and the trend, which both are unclear, so we need to find out the relationship by studying the previous trends, however, the data is not complete, separated in different years, so we need to rephrase them by ourselves. Also, for the trend, we need to integrate with he analysis from different news articles, which made us confuse to take which analysis as the determining one.

Lastly, without alternatives, we still go ahead to tackle these problems by ourselves but after we have tried to consult some of our senior schoolmates with economics background What is the most impressive thing that you have learned from your group members? Who is the best player in your group? Why? The most impressive thing is that this time everyone did really deep and well in our corresponding parts, and prepared well for the meeting every time which prevent casting of time. I think everyone is the best player, as all of us are performing well in this scenario.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your action plan to improve? I am good at establishing and evaluating logic flow, like ensuring the linkage between different concepts; also I am good at evaluating the evidence, clause and the methodology of different research to ensure the research is useful and effective. Moreover, I am weak on time management. My plan to improve first is I will draft an overall schedule before going the work and I will ask my group mates to help me.

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