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Eva’s Phoenix Case Study

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 26, 2017
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Eva’s Phoenix Case Study

Briefly state what the case is about? The case is about a print shop located In Toronto known as Eve’s Phoenix print shop. It Is a socially and environmentally responsible commercial printer that helps homeless and at risk youth achieve self-sufficiency. The enterprise success Is contributed to Its careful integration between commercial and social elements. Regardless of their useful synergy the separation of the departments would be advantageous as they can be more productive and efficient. Recently there have been complaints from clients In terms of satisfaction.

The untrained youth were allowed to train and work on the client Jobs simultaneously. This led to complaints and a strategic review by an MBA student suggested separation of social and commercial departments. This lead to a 250% increase in sales, which can be contributed to their efficiency. Given the massive growth the central question becomes how to financially support the organization? As the organization grows what legal structure should be implemented? And how can firm generate enough profits from their commercial operations to pay for their social operations? 2) Identify the eye issues in the case?

Some of the key issues I found with the case are the following: – Separation of social and commercial elements. In the case it is mentioned that the separation of social and commercial elements will be beneficial for both elements. The departments will be more efficient as this would preserve the benefits of immediate access for Eve’s phoenix youth and create greater commercial efficiency. However this breaks down their useful synergy. Once the departments are separated they will lack integration, which is a key success factor to an organic organization like Eve’s hoeing. Risks of hiring street youth: Hiring street kids, recovering alcoholics and suffered youth increases their costs. First in terms of the risks associated with street youth is high due to their previous record. Secondly, it is one of the biggest challenges of the organization to manage their behavior. Skills are very easy to be learned or taught, however it is very difficult to teach someone how to behave. These behavioral changes are difficult to achieve and require a greater Investment In terms of time and money. – Conflict between social and commercial elements.

The rent shop’s commercial elements would Like the projects to be flawless and of high standards, as this expected from their prestigious clients Like AD, to name a few. The production department wants the things to be faster, while the social department wants to train every candidate fully, step by step, gradually to equip them with the skills that they can make use of throughout their lifetime. – Expansion would require a change / review of what legal structure best suits the organization. Currently the organizations structure is ideal reflecting its needs and useful synergies associated with it.

However, as the organization grows this structure will no its needs without breaking down the integration between the social and the commercial elements that is critical to Eve’s success. – Challenges of satisfying triple bottom lines: The organization has to maximize commercial, social and environmental bottom lines. Learning as a student is best with a teacher, as it helps to build a strong foundation of knowledge. However on the commercial business side, having an experienced business manager working on client’s projects leads to improvements in productivity and quality.

If these candidates were trained separately than it would be rough on the nature as a lot of resources e. G. Paper would be wasted towards their training, which creates an environmental challenge for the organization. 3) Suggest your assessment in (2) by drawing appropriate theory from the text and the facts in the case? Conflict is inevitable in organizations, every company whether large or small faces conflict. In the case of Eve’s Phoenix, one solution to reduce the conflict would be to reinstate their mission statement. This mission statement will serve the purpose of a communication tool.

It will communicate to employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders the purpose of the organization, which is the minimization of profits, social causes and environment friendly initiatives/actions. The conflict will be reduced when the purpose is reinstated and employees are told that they are working towards mutual goals. Once the common goals are intensified they can work as a team and there will be less conflict as they are trying to achieve the exact same goals. Another way to reduce conflict would be the separation of commercial and social departments, to vivid the departments into two functions.

When they work together there is conflict, as production wants efficiency and social department wants to take the time to train the youth, so that they can acquire life lasting skills. Their conflicting views will create problems; therefore to avoid conflict their roles need to be divided with accountability, this will allow each function to work separately, but towards achieving common goal. Regardless of their separation the department should not work as silos and become integrated to share information, this help will them overcome the halogen of separation. Hiring street kids involves a great degree of risks.

Their past record is not spotless; they have done things in the past that may make them look incompetent and even risky for the firm in terms of hiring them or trusting them as an employee. A typical organization would do a credit check and would refuse to hire these people, as there will be concerns regarding their history. In addition to this, skills are easier to learn than behaviors. It is a lot easier for people to learn how to do a certain task than to act/ behave in a certain way. Their behavior, whether in he past they were alcoholics, drug addicts needs to be altered.

This will take a long time, and off course there is no guarantee that it will work out. It may change their lives entirely for example: by making them independent, being able to make a living on their own, which is great good for the society, organization and the environment as a whole. On the other side, things can go completely wrong as well, all the efforts and training may not pay off and they may not be willing to change their behavior at all. Therefore, the risk associated with giving them an opportunity, when no one else goes is fairly high. ) Suggest some ways in which you may implement your The social and commercial should be separated in terms of suggestions? Completing client’s projects. The training department should be dedicated to teaching unskilled youth. Once the youth acquires all the necessary skills and have completed their training, they can move on to work on bigger challenges. I. E. Towards client projects. This would allow them to be productive, efficient as well as maintain their commitment to social causes. As Eva phoenix grows the current structure cannot hold.

Eve’s phoenix should adapt a functional structure, which will allow them to handle their enormous growth by keeping social and commercial departments separate. In addition to this, Eve’s phoenix is like an organism and adopting a functional structure creates a horizontal communication barrier between departments. To overcome this barrier, they should make the functions integrated through horizontal linkage. This will allow communication and coordination horizontally across organizational departments. They can use various devices to exchange information. For e. G. Information systems, direct contact, task roses and a full time integrator. Looking at their size now, they can use direct contact as their best resource, but as they grow Eve’s Phoenix should either hire a full time integrator or implement the use of information systems. Secondly, the conflict between social and commercial departments can be resolved by separating them, this is not to say that there should be no integration or exchange of information. Eve’s Phoenix should have a department working on client’s projects; this department will have a panel of experts.

When experts are working, the results are better, there re fewer errors, the clients are more satisfied and it leads to productivity and efficiency, leading to higher revenues. These revenues could be used to create a separate training department, where youth can learn different types of printing skills. Once they are fully trained they can be transferred to the department with experts to work on clients projects, which will give them good exposure. The risks that Eve’s Phoenix faces can be offset by the diversity that it brings, unlike most organizations that hire people who are like themselves.

Hiring people different than us brings in diversity. With diversity, come the vast experience, knowledge and skills. In addition, to that the cost of Eve’s Phoenix faces in getting these kids off the streets, will be offset by the changes in behavior of these kids, who commit themselves to the organization to learn the skills, respect everyone around them, accept the responsibilities and challenges of their new life. This cost is offset by the living that the youth will be able to make on their own, after learning the skills from Eve’s Phoenix, fulfilling its purpose towards the society, organization as well as the environment.

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