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Entrepreneurial mindset

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 4, 2017
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Entrepreneurial mindset

The franchise will not be as expensive because their business plans are mostly the use of Powerboat’s presentation slides and they make it simpler and easy to adjust their plans. 6. ET is a family business. How do Michael and Sheens address the Issues of balancing the demands of the business with those of the family? – They believe that communication Is key They set Limits and expectations to Meltzer stress of the business relationship – They set aside specific time for work, family and personal times. Case Study #2 (Peg. 121) 1 .

How does Sol y Canto define its business? Identify the offer, the target market, and the product and delivery capability. – Their mission is to make music and moving performances that can help connect the audiences to the richness of Latin American culture, Hispanic and non Hispanic, through different kind of experience such as poetries, music, etc. And help everyone connect for a better world. Their target market are basically everyone. From children to senior adults. Their events are usually 45 minutes -2 hours. They perform in different places in the US and Puerco Rice.

In schools and senior centers for their non-profits. 2. Describe the culture of the Matadors’ businesses. – The company Is small with 6 employees. Everyone has a close relationship with each other and respect everyone equally. They also make a weekly meet ups to make right away. 3. Which methods of deciding upon business opportunities did Rossi and Brian Matador pursue? They both saw a future that they both worked at home and they kept it a low cost strategy by working from home and they used their twin daughter to help with the voice-oversee, which brought them to success. 4.

What competitive advantage does Matador Bilingual Voice-oversee have in the voice-over field? List them and indicate whether each is based upon quality, price, location, selection, service, or speed/turnaround or a combination of these. – They had competitive pricing because they did the voice oversee in their house that helps them rate a low cost strategy (Price and Location) – Accent free voice oversee (Service and quality) – Guarantee their services (Service) – Offer translation (Quality and Service) – Testimonials (Quality) – 24-hour turnaround for smaller projects and one week if larger (Speed/turnaround) 5.

If you were consulting to the Matadors, what advice would you give them? – I think I would tell him to do more than what they can. Instead of stop at good try being great. I would advice them to find other ways to grow their capacity.

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