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Coursework A

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 28, 2017
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Coursework A

Globalization is the ever increasing interaction, interconnectedness and integration of people, companies and countries through trade flows, cultural penetration and investments across borders (Brioche et al. , 2009). Consequently, the need to efficiently and effectively manage the complexity of organizations stretched across borders may have evolved the role of Human Resource Management Into a multi facet strategic form, International Human Resource management.

Despite being two sides of the same coin and having several commonalities, the multicultural aspect and institutional and environmental constraints add to the complexity of IHRAM (Brewster et al. , 2007). The aim of this coursework is to scrutinize various IHRAM strategies adopted by Mans in the face of various environmental and institutional circumstances and to reveal the pros and cons of the seemingly neutral fade of the IHRAM strategies.

The layout of the coursework will be based on the ‘Eight-point star of IHRAM: a framework of key aspects’ (Figure 1) which identifies the eight distinct and fundamental areas of Rim’s scope (Gobbling, 2005). Each of these eight aspects Is interlinked to form the crux of IHRAM and will be discussed In light of relevant Journal articles and academic evidences. (Goblin. 2005) The Global Workforce: This section will cover the categories of human capital available to Mans in the international arena: Host-country nationals (Hess), Parent- country nationals (PC’s) and Third-country nationals (Tics).

IHRAM is the interplay amongst HER activities, types of employees and the country of operation. (Morgan, 1986) International Context: The analysis of global patterns of diversification, amalgamation, modification and persistence of management practices determine the espouse of HER in terms of divergence, convergence and cross-evergreen (Jackson, 2004). Mans may choose to operate the ethnocentric, polytechnic, geocentric (Perimeter, 1969) or recollection way which Inexorably Influence the HARM strategy (Henna & Perimeter, 1979).

This section will also cover how HARM strategies vary with the structures of Ones transitioning Into Transnational Organizations (Bartlett & Shoal, 1998). National Context: Culture change management, Industrial Relations, have implications for IHRAM strategies (Buddhists & Deborah, 2001). This aspect will include analysis of the impact of key cultural aspects as outlined by Hypotheses Framework of culture IHRAM strategies (Hefted, 2001; Trampers, 1997).

Strategic Issues: This section will identify the variance of HARM strategies depending on the type of cross-border alliance; equity and non-equity cross-border alliances (Schuler & Tariku, 2006). Operational Issues: The operational aspect covers various HARM practices adopted by organizations across the humanistic and instrumental approach divide. IHRAM Career: Focus on international career trajectories must be a torture from the recruitment stage in global organizations (Thereafter, 1991) the various strategies Ones adopt in this respect will be covered here.

Competencies: The role of IHRAM is expected to evolve into that of “corporate glue” that will hold the organization effectively together across multiple cultural and global boundaries (Brioche et al. , 2009). In order to be actively involved in the strategic development in Mans it is imperative that IHRAM Managers be developed with the required skills and competencies Onto & Morton, 1999; Schuler et al, 2001).

The Future: The rapid inexorable global expansion of markets brings consequential challenges to AIR managers who must assist in the development of global operations of Mans regardless of the size, scope or strategic orientation of the business (Brioche et al. , 2009). As the HARM function strives to be the crusader of globalization, it must develop a global mind-set, align core HER processes and enhance global competencies (Brioche et al. , 2009). This section will discuss the concept of ‘strategic-fit’ building upon the approaches and possible IHRAM strategies and future challenges that IHRAM may face.

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